Every once in a while, I let my girls take a bath in the master tub. It is larger than theirs and has whirlpool jets that create a ton of bubbles if any amount of soap has been added to the water. This is a special treat for them when they’ve been extra good.I was quite surprised several months ago when they inquired about some bath oils that I had next to the tub. I wasn’t sure how the strong scent would go over, but I threw one in the water just to see. The girls thought it was pretty cool and over the course of the next few “special” baths in my tub, proceeded to use up my entire stock.

So when Trisha at Beyond the Bomb contacted me generously offering a giveaway for my blog, I was all over it. You see, Trisha got started in the business of this bathtub delight because of her kids.

She must be a better mom than I am because she proceeded to create from scratch some really cool bath bombs for her family. Not just little round balls, either. Bath bombs shaped like glass slippers, footballs, cupcakes, cookies and popcorn. Even her gift baskets for baby showers contain bath bombs shaped like rubber ducks and baby bottles. Of course, she has a regular supply of normal shapes for adults. If you’re accustomed to only strong perfumy bath products, you’re in for a treat. Beyond the Bomb offers fat-free, calorie-free chocolate truffle scented ones, too. She even has one with a description of “Bath party without the hangover with this coconut scented bath bomb.” What’s not to love about that?But enough of my jibber-jabber… here’s the scoop on the contest.

The Prize: 
Prize will consist of Four bath bombs to one winner. Those four are: one large (9 oz.), one medium (6.3 oz.), one small (4 oz.), and one heart bomb.
Retail value: $25
Participants –
… must be able to provide a United States mailing address.
… must provide an email in the comment or have email accessible from their profile.

Beyond the Bomb

On July 24th, a winner will be chosen at random from all comments left.
How to Enter:   <GIVEAWAY ENDS>

Thank you to Beyond the Bomb for generously providing the items for this giveaway!

68 thoughts on “A Giveaway from Beyond the Bomb

  1. I like the beach bombs!!! They are good for girl or boy or any adult!I bet they make great little gifts and stocking stuffers at Christmas.

  2. beyond the bomb is awesome! i think the cupcakes are just the cutest things ever! what a creative chic! i would love to try the hawaiian mist, creme brule, island paradise, and sugar and spice! those sound so scrumptuous!


  3. I love the benefit bombs. They are a basic shape, but include naturally beneficial essential oils. I have trouble with acne, so I would go with the Green Tea Benefit Bomb – it has tea tree oil, which is good for all kinds of skin problems.

  4. These are the greatest things! I think my favorite would have to be the banana split! I would just be afraid my kids would try to eat it!!!!

  5. I actually have this site bookmarked for gifts.

    My favorite is the banana split bath bomb set.

    This is an awesome give away. THANK YOU!

    HunnyV “at” Optonline “dot” net

  6. I put up the button for Beyond the Bomb on my blog (wwww.SheScribes.com) but I cannot get it to link to your site. I keep putting your URL in the link part but it’s connecting to “Beyond the Blog” when you click on the image.

    I tried…. 🙁

  7. I’d love myself some Green Tea!

    I’ve got a huge Tea Green colored tub that’s just calling out for it! – no really, it’ ‘Tea Green’ from Kohler!

  8. Summer Spice Benefit
    This bomb is made for women and everything that comes with being a woman. Drop this bomb into your tub and let it work it magic from menopause, cramps, muscle aches and even milk production.

  9. I love the Birthday Cupcake bombs because how fun would it be to drop one of those in your bathtub! I think all the bath bombs that look like dessert are fun!

  10. The birthday cupcake bombs are too cute! Although my best friend & I don't do birthday gifts anymore I think she's getting one this year! I can't believe how cute that is!!!!

  11. I like the Beach bombs. They are so cute, but I don’t think they are just for children are they because if so I want to be a kid again.

  12. Wow, what a great site. I really like the baby sets with the ducks and the bottles. Thanks for the chance. I will be back with extra entries, I love Bath Bombs.

  13. The banana split bomb and the popcorn bomb are the cutest and the most unique. It’s amazing how all of the bombs look like the real thing.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. The novelty bath bombs are very cute. You can enjoy them as decorations in the bathroom for awhile before using them. The oreo cookies are, of course, my favorite!

  15. These are cool products. I would like to immurse myself in a tub filled with Island Paradise and relax and take in the fragrance!
    thanks for a great giveaway!

  16. I think the Woodland Fairy Benefit Bomb so needed. How many nights are we up with these problems. A warm bath with Woodland Fairy Benefit Bomb would bring relief. Count me in to win

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