Being opinionated has it’s advantages. For one, once I make up my mind, it will take a bit of a debate to get me change it. I enjoy a good debate… or maybe I just like to argue. Same thing, I guess. But I think it’s my personality that makes it so easy for me to voice my opinions or concerns – and for the most part, people aren’t offended.

I tried out programs like and even some other review aggregator sites. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really emotionally invested in any of them so I didn’t really stick with it. I do reviews here or there, but much prefer to have them all in one dedicated space.

Marketing and Product Testing:
Several years ago, I started volunteering as a BzzAgent. If I meet their demographics for a particular campaign, I can sign up to participate in it. They send me a kit of supplies for the designated product and I try it out. Then I talk about it – good or bad – and relay back to BzzAgent any responses and reactions that people give me. It’s an interesting marketing plan and I love it. Word of Mouth (WoM) marketing is what we’ve all been doing all our lives… talking about things we love and hate. I’ve received cleaners, beauty products, housewares and electronics, books, beverages, snacks and other food products.

BzzAgent isn’t the only program I participate in, it just happens to be my favorite. Really, any chance to test and talk about a new product and I’m happy.

I’ve done both confidential and WoM product testing for quite a while and love every aspect of it. Trying something new, being the first person I know to try it, talking about it (if allowed). Trying it for free is the icing on the cake. One of my favorite product tests was Beta testing a new HP printer – but I’ve only been selected by HP once. I would gladly beta any of their products any day!

About my blogs:
I created a blog, SAHM Ramblings, and thought it would be a great opportunity to talk about products, do reviews, have some giveaways – whether through BzzAgent or some other program. But once I started talking about other things, reviews and all that just didn’t seem to fit in. I didn’t want any of it to be unnatural or out of place.

So here we are… blog #2. Designed especially for all my favorites word of mouth marketing efforts and product reviews. I’ll even give stuff away if I have it. Guess we’ll see where this takes us.

Thanks for joining me! Input and opinions encouraged!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to My New Blog!

  1. Hey, pretty cool blog! I know what you mean, I have been thinking about things like reviews and payperpost, etc, but not sure how well it would go over in a personal-style blog. Not sure I have the time for a second one yet, but maybe later this year.

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