One thing is guaranteed about being a mom: we are constantly learning, always on-call and there’s no monetary compensation. Payment comes in the form of giggles and kisses, hugs and fulfilling wishes.

Sometimes, things happen that make us want to pull our hair out… or scream… or cry. Only when we look back at it and retell the story to someone else do we find the humor in it. Then there are the times that your friends tell a similar story and you bust a gut laughing.

…because a lot of the time, it’s pretty funny. Especially when it’s happening to someone else.

I reached out to some friends and asked them to share a story that they found humorous after the fact. Here’s some of what they shared:

  • When our daughter celebrated her birthday in Kindergarten, she wasn’t as excited as we thought she would be. She was actually pretty sad. While having lunch together at school, she confided that she had turned 5 but hadn’t gotten any bigger. Poor thing thought she would magically be bigger when she woke up on the morning of her birthday!
  • One mom said she was caught off guard after having “the talk” with her daughter. “How many times have you had sex with Dad?”
  • Here’s another: “Lost my son in a Sears once and was frantic.. found him in the appliance area with an older gentleman… the man was sitting with his elbow on knee and chin on hand…. the exact pose my son was sitting… said he was just watching tv with ‘this guy’.”
  • Finally, sometimes we have to see it through the eyes of a stranger. “When my child was young, we were in church during the holiday season. It was obvious that an older black couple was visiting as the church we attended was primarily white. My son kept starring at them. Then it came time to share the peace. . . Instead he states quite loudly as any 3 year old would “DIRTY, you need a bath.” The older gentleman let out a giggle, and his wife says, “I have learned more in that simple comment, then in the entire service.” At the end of church I apologized, but the couple told us, “we have heard so many nasty comments in our lifetime, but none so innocent.” They gave Brent a huge hug. We have never seen them again.”

A few of us got together for some quality time and to watch the new show, Instant Mom, on Nickelodeon. It tells the story of a former party girl Stephanie (Tia Mowry-Hardrict) who marries Charlie (Michael Boatman), an older dad with three kids. Like the rest of us, she isn’t the perfect mom. There’s always something to learn… and always something to laugh at… as this step-mom tries to navigate her way.

The plan for the evening was to have some drinks and snacks. NickMom provided some fun starter recipes like “Playdate Punch and “The Mom Motivator.”

We decided to create our own mom-inspired drinks!

When I first called and invited my friend to come over and was explaining my idea for making drinks, I said “I want one called ‘Timeout’ something.” She happened to be drinking a Peach Tea Snapple and immediately responded with “Timeout Tea!” and proceeded to tell me what it should include. Iced Tea and Peach Schnapps. After I hung up with her, I did some brainstorming and came up with a few others.

Timeout Tea

Melted Easter Bunny

Monkey See, Monkey Dew
They all tasted delicious, by the way!

The show itself provided laughs, partially because Aaron (the youngest child) had mannerisms striking those of my friend’s son. Every time he did/said something, we pictured her son and laughed.

It’s a cute show and is easy to relate to… packed with those moments that are easy to laugh at… when they’re happening to someone else for a change. We only watched one episode but agreed that another episode to follow would have been awesome. One just didn’t seem like enough.

After the show was over, we sat around talking and telling stories. We laughed so hard that we lost track of time. It was a great break from our normal routine.

I said we need to do this every Sunday night! Invite some friends over, mix up some drinks and have a good laugh.  Even if you don’t feel like watching it with friends, it’s a fun show to watch at night as you wind down your day.

To read about Instant Mom, visit the Nick website. Check the programming guide for information on Instant Mom airing times. If you miss the new episodes when they air on Sundays on the Nick Jr. channel, don’t worry! Reruns air nightly! You can catch up with NickMom on Facebook or follow NickMom and Instant Mom on Twitter.

8 thoughts on “Moms Can Laugh with NickMom

  1. OH my GOSH, Nicole! Those drinks look AH-mazing! I better be invited to your next party, I'll be y'all got wild with those drinks in hand! I love that you and your friends were able to see your friend's son in one of the characters on InstantMom. That always makes shows funnier. I am totally the Phoebe (from Friends) of all of my friends, and my son is like a very young Sheldon from &

  2. Oh, man. Some of the things my kids have said that caused so much embarrassment at the time. I could make a list! I am sure I would have downed several of those drinks during those moments lol.

  3. What I think really works for that show is that she married into a family of teenagers-so close to her own age, really. I definitely still remember when I got “old” in the eyes of my nieces and nephews. Here I was thinking I was still hip happenin’! 🙂

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