Are You Ready for 5G Home?

Faster speeds is only one benefit of 5G. Verizon 5G Home has plenty to offer including a free 3-month trial! -

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Over the past several years, we’ve shared a lot of details about why we decided to relocate to Iowa from Los Angeles. The wealth of opportunities for family bonding, a school district that supports the arts including orchestra for young kids and a strong sense of community. It’s where we wanted to raise our girls for a number of reasons. But I’m not going to lie. There are a LOT of things I miss about living in a big city.

Faster speeds is only one benefit of 5G. Verizon 5G Home has plenty to offer including a free 3-month trial! -

There’s always so much to do whether it’s a museum, a professional sports team or a convention. You can go to New York to see major landmarks, visit Chicago to attend a Cubs gamesee how money is made in Washington, D.C. or jet off to Huntsville, Alabama to attend Space Camp.

But you know what I miss most about living in a big city? Firsts. Trends almost always emerge in major metropolitan areas. New kinds of restaurants or food trends usually pop up there first. Fashion trends are easier to find at stores there. Concerts and movies typically premiere in bigger cities before smaller ones. And technology… oh, technology. Chances are you’ll have to live in a big city to be able to take advantage of the latest and greatest when it comes to infrastructure.

Case in point, cellular service. 5G is the next big thing. Not sure what 5G is? It’s the latest advancement in cellular service. Think of 1G (the first analog cellular service) as a black and white console television. In retrospect, we see it as antiquated, but it was life changing when it became available to the masses. Technology made improvements possible and gradually over time, we have progressed to 5G. If you again compare it to a television, it’s smart, vibrant and thin as a book. “5G is the fifth generation of wireless technology. But users will know it as one of the fastest, most robust technologies the world has ever seen. That means quicker downloads, outstanding network reliability and a spectacular impact on how we live, work and play.”

Faster speeds is only one benefit of 5G. Verizon 5G Home has plenty to offer including a free 3-month trial! -

And Verizon Wireless is leading the way by not only launching in major metro areas, but rolling out 5G networks in a diverse list of cities. While it isn’t available here in the Quad Cities, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Des Moines made the list of cities that will join the Verizon 5G Ultra Wide network! Des Moines… as in the capital of Iowa! That’s because Verizon is building a base for their network and small cells help create a denser network for the 5G Ultra Wide deployment provide better coverage. Don’t make the assumption that it’s not going to be available in your area because it might! You can see if your address has Verizon 5G Home availability so you can take advantage of the free 3-month trial that includes no annual contracts, hidden taxes or fees. You don’t even have to cancel your current service during your free 3-month trial. As a bonus, you’ll get free YouTube TV during the 3-month trial! Not in one of the initial markets? No worries! You can provide your contact information and they’ll keep you updated on 5G Home availability.

Faster speeds is only one benefit of 5G. Verizon 5G Home has plenty to offer including a free 3-month trial! -

Technology will continue to become a critical part of the educational landscape in addition to being crucial to all aspects of business. From super connected communities to immersive experiences, through the Built on 5G Challenge, Verizon is challenging people to think outside the box and build a better future and they’re putting their money where their mouth is. Winners will be awarded up to $1 million, access to Verizon’s 5G Lab, and an opportunity for Verizon to invest in their company in a future fundraising round.

Whether you are interested in learning about current advancements in technology or simply want to know if your city is on the list, I encourage you to check out the details on 5G. It’s the future.

What benefits of 5G Home are you most excited about?

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