In 2011, I shared about the Zero Scale. What I loved about the scale was that it kept track of how much weight I had lost, but didn’t stress me out about how much I actually weighed. Since I was working out and lifting weights at the gym, weight was kind of a relative thing. I may have gained weight but lost fat but a traditional scale didn’t reflect that. I used the Zero Scale until I received the Ozeri scale with nice big numbers on a readable dial. Unfortunately, that one was quickly pushed aside when I received the Ozeri BMI scale.  It keeps track of the BMI and not just the weight. You would think I would be done with changing scales by now but I like cool features and my latest body scale, Weight Gurus Basic Body Scale touched a nerve. It offers smart phone tracking. The geekiness factor won and I simply could not pass up trying this one out.

I mean, seriously, it’s a smart scale! Having things sync with my phone is pretty cool. If everything in my house, like my washer and dryer and refrigerator, all synced with my phone I would be extra excited. Alas they don’t, so I’m happy that the scale does.

First let me tell you about the scale itself. It’s square with a nice stepping platform. It’s black with a very low-profile; extremely sleek. I’ve mentioned before that don’t particularly like scales that use the watch batteries because I don’t typically keep those on had. This one requires AAA batteries – unfortunately it requires FOUR of them.

Monitor your weight with a smart scale! - SahmReviews.com

Then there’s the app… Anyone monitoring their weight knows the importance of tracking information. On many occasions, we have attributed our success to tracking our food intake using MyFitnessPal. Goals and actions are easier to acknowledge when you see them in front of you. The ability to sync your weight adds another layer to the process with each layer helping you with your goals.

Whether you’re on an Apple or Android device you’re set. The scale works with both platforms. I wish the scale, box or instructions contained a QR code to make finding the app online easier. Despite the lack of a quick lookup option, it didn’t take a lot of time to find it in the app store. Set up an account and you’re ready to start monitoring your weight.

Monitoring your weight is as easy as step, check and sync with the Weight Gurus Body Scale with app! - SahmReviews.com

As for syncing when you weigh; that is also very easy. After your weight results are displayed, a digital QR code shows up on the screen. All you do is open your phone to the app, select appsync, zoom the necessary amount to get it to focus correctly and just like any other QR code reader, it scans the information and transfers it to the app.

If you know how to use a QR Code Reader, you can use this scale and app. - SahmReviews.com

For someone who wants to see that they are losing weight but doesn’t want to see the numbers on the scale the weightless feature is fantastic. It’s easy to toggle back to see your weight results but at least they’re not staring you in the face when you step on the scale. One of the complaints I had about Zero Scale is that I couldn’t set my starting weight. I had gotten the scale after I had already lost a lot of weight so it was somewhat discouraging to see my total not accurately reflected. The weightless function on the Weight Gurus scale itself appears to have the same issue. You’re able to reset it back to zero at any time but you’re not able (at least that I’ve been able to figure out) to set a starting weight. However, if you’re using the app, you’re able to retroactively enter weight by date.

Weight Gurus body scale is the perfect weight management gadget for the geek in your life. - SahmReviews.com

Weight Gurus Basic Body Scale offers some cool and useful features. If you are seeking a scale that tracks your BMI, I recommend checking out our previous review. If you need a scale that helps motivate you and provides the tools to easily track your progress, then this is a great option. Purchase the Weight Guru Body Scale from Amazon before the end of June and save an additional $10 using coupon code “GETGURUS

For more information, visit the Weight Gurus webpage or catch up with them on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to check our our review of their kitchen scale to see how it can help with your goals too!

21 thoughts on “The Smart Scale for Geeks

  1. QR code on the screen?! That is fantastic. My husband is convinced that as long as he has his phone he is all set – same as you, he wants to be able to use it for everything. He would LOVE the technical aspects of this scale. I’m adding it to this year’s Christmas list now! Thanks for the detailed review.

  2. Now this is actually interesting.. not for me because I hate scales but for my husband. He is so obsessed with numbers and weight and all the stuff that comes with it. I will def have him look at this. Thanks.

  3. OMGOODNESS! That is so cool! I don’t usually use a scale although this one, I most certainly would love to have because of all the bells and whistles!! This would also make a fabulous gift idea!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. I have a scale much like that but mine is an aria scale that goes with my fitbit. I really love having a scale that syncs with all of my apps.

  5. Boy has technology come a long way with all sorts of products these days. I remember the old scales that the needle would just point to the weight and now there is so many to choose from that do so much. This scale looks awesome and something I would love to have with my weight loss journey. Thanks for sharing. =)

  6. We have an old style weight and one day we plan to upgrade. Not sure if I’ll go digital but you’re article helped me lean that direction. Thanks!

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