Using Sunnies Shades to Make Bright Decisions

Fun, colorful Sunnies glasses for kids. -

As you may have figured out from Brody’s articles offering tips for new runners and planning a staycation, we love spending time outside as a family. We have all really been enjoying all of the outdoor activities we have been able to do. This summer we enjoyed going to our local rodeo, our little boy even went mutton bustin’. We have spent a lot of time outside playing, throwing disc golf, going to a parade, riding bikes, and playing in the water. While sunscreen and bug spray are two common items we use to protect our skin while playing outdoors, we also recognize the need to protect our eyes with polarized sunglasses. Because the eyes of children are still developing and cannot filter out UV Rays efficiently, it is recommended by the Mayo Clinic that children wear sunglasses to protect their eyes

The sunglasses we have previously used are not comfortable and seem to fall off while playing, which makes it difficult to get the kids to keep the sunglasses on and keep track of the sunglasses. To top it off, the sunglasses previously purchased are just regular sunglasses, not polarized, which makes me wonder how much protection their eyes are getting when the glasses actually are on. 

Sunnies kids' sunglasses come in an assortment of fun colors and designs. -

This summer we tried Sunnies. The lenses are polarized with 100% UVA/UVB protection, so I feel like the glasses are helpful in protecting their eyes. The glasses have an anti-slip coating to keep them on while playing. The glasses’ frame is also comfortable, so no one is trying to take the glasses off, and I am not stuck holding them while we are out and about. These sunglasses are durable and well made, not like the cheapies that will break and do not have the good protection.

Kids' sunglasses should be looked at as part of their outdoor protective wear like bicycle helmets. -

I like that Sunnies are made with fun and bright colors, which I think makes the kids want to wear them. Sunnies also has lots of fun designs to choose from, with cute names too. The pair seen in the photos have yellow frames and blue lenses and are called Just Monkeying Around. My husband thought the glasses are so cool that he wants a pair in his size too. Too bad, these Sunnies are just for kids! (wink)

Sunnies glasses hold in place during active play. -

Sunglasses are an important way to protect your children’s eyes while they are outdoors having fun and Sunnies has made it so kids like mine want to wear sunglasses. That’s makes this brand shine pretty bright for me.

Do you find ways to encourage your kids to be safe?

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