Mega Giveaway Day 29 – Godfather Corleone’s Empire Game

Did you see our guide this morning that was filled with gift ideas for the Pop Culture enthusiast? We put together a variety of nostalgic and culturally significant products that are sure to strike a chord for someone on your holiday shopping list. Our Mega Giveaway Day 29 prize is one of the items included on that list: The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire game from CMON. We offered a game overview a few months ago that we encourage you to read. Despite the dark nature of the theme itself, the game is not at all gory. We’ve actually played it with our daughters who are in their early teens. If you have older kids, this totally qualifies as a family game! If you’re looking for gift ideas for an older child, this is a great option. You can pick it up on Amazon then enter to win a copy for yourself!

150+ Days of Giveaways – Day 29 – Godfather Corleone’s Empire Game

71 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 29 – Godfather Corleone’s Empire Game

  1. I believe the mob is a believable and relatable theme to stick on to american games. viking is not norway as mob/cowboy is to america

  2. As the theme for a movie or show, I kind of like it although I don’t really watch those too often. But as themes for board games, I just love it. You can have so much fun with the right game in the right group 🙂

  3. I have a moderate interest in mob themed movies and games. I did enjoy the Godfather series and also absolutely loved The Departed. I’d really like to win this game because my wife is a huge Godfather fan

  4. Dont watch TV, but I do read allot and the MOB genre is almost a guarantee for anticipation and difficulty putting the book down.

  5. I think the suspense and underworld of the mob makes an interesting topic for movies and tv and interested in it translating to the gaming world

  6. I think games, movies, books should cover a variety of topics. We all have our preferences and it is good to have options that meet all preferences. 🙂 Thank you.

  7. I love shows and movies…I haven’t played any mob games…exactly. Although in most games, I attempt to employ mob-tactics, solely for entertainment purposes 🙂

  8. I enjoyed the Godfather movies, but in generally I don’t have strong feelings, my wife however loves all of the mobster movies, so I watch a good deal of them!

  9. I like some of the mob movies, some of them I don’t care for as much. The Godfather is great. I think bringing it into gaming is a great idea.

  10. Generally shows about the mob are entertaining unless the violence is too graphic. Neat idea basing a game on their activities…you get to play at doing something “unlawful” without the fear of arrest!

  11. Like anything, some movies, games and so-on are really good and there are others that are just too violent…

  12. I’ve always been fascinated with the mob. Movies and shows obviously glamorize it but can be gritty. I’ve never actually played a game yet but have been looking for one and this has stuck out as my favorite.

  13. Not my favorite genre. But if a good movie, I would watch. Godfather #1 is my favorite in this genre (and better than #2)

  14. I love shows, games & movies about the mob – what’s NOT to love?? There is always variety in characters and, in some cases, real life people to draw upon and history behind them. Excitement, drama, and of course, thrill of the kill (come on, it’s the mob!!) 🙂 yup, love everything about the mob!

  15. Movies and shows about the mob… I can take ’em or leave ’em. Games? I’m always up for games. Any kind of games!

  16. Mob movies tend to provide more of a glimpse into 1920’s/Prohibition era time than just about any other genre of movies.

  17. My thoughts on gangster and mob games are positive. I enjoy the mystery and intrigue that these games bring me. I also think it is positive to learn about the mob.

  18. I don’t care much about watching shows or movies about them. I would like to check out the game. It is an interesting concept.

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