10 Things Every Student Should Know Before Attending Middle School

Junior high and middle school can be challenging. Our teenager shares 10 middle school tips and how to prepare for junior high.

Tips from a teen on how to prepare for middle school or junior high. - SahmReviews.com

It may be the middle of June, but I’ve already started planning for high school orientation day. I’ve told my parents I want to spend as much time as possible to walk through the school to learn my schedule, the building and not get lost. This is one way to help me worry about one less thing once the school year begins. I already have some strategies in place to help me survive these next four years of torture.

This isn’t the first time I’ve changed to a bigger school. Junior high was the first time.

Tips from a teen on what every student should know before attending middle school or junior high. - SahmReviews.com

Junior high / Middle school can be frightening at first. You may be startled at the new, larger school, or the thought that you might not pass your class. I realized during my junior high years, I adapted some abilities that really helped me throughout that experience. I thought I would give you some tips on how not to die in middle school.

Be Good.

On the first day of school, throughout the whole month, you need to set yourself up for the teachers. You don’t want to make a bad impression of yourself right away. Work hard at the beginning and earn their liking and trust and you’ll be set down the road.

Tips from a teen on what every student should know before attending middle school or junior high. - SahmReviews.com

Phones Away!

One of the crucial parts of class is learning. Unfortunately, some students decide to use this time and spend class secretly playing on their phone. Don’t turn into one of them. Not only would you waste your class time, but if you get your phone taken away, now you are FORCED to learn, and are grumpy. So keep your phone away in your pocket or backpack.

Work Efficiently.

Not only should you keep your phone away, but when you get assignments in class, which is often, use the time to get it done. If you don’t get it done, it may turn into homework, which takes away from your free time after school at home. If it doesn’t turn into homework, it could force you to work on it the next day. Do your work when it is assigned. It will save you the hassle.

Tips from a teen on what every student should know before attending middle school or junior high. - SahmReviews.com


There will be many tests in middle school. All from different subjects. It’s sometimes hard to cram all that information in your head. And that is what studying is for! Study for any upcoming tests so don’t have to worry if you actually take it! (or it isn’t multiple choice!)

Overall Performance

If you really take the time to pay attention in class, and work hard on assignments and tests, and not be distracted by anything, the year will really go by fast. It’ll feel like a breeze of wind!


As a student, it is crucial that you learn how to be organized, in any way. Make sure you have things in place and your homework done so you can find everything. No one wants a panic attack in the middle of class, thinking that you forgot your homework at home, or it’s ripped up in your backpack!

Tips from a teen on what every student should know before attending middle school or junior high. - SahmReviews.com


Every student gets a locker to put their stuff in. This can be used to your advantage. Put any extra boxes of pencils or pens or dry erase markers in here so they don’t clog up your backpack. It’s also very handy to keep your locker organized too, so it doesn’t look like a tornado just came through it.


One thing I found very helpful during my eighth grade year was that I had two backpacks. I didn’t carry both around at a time, but I kept one in my locker for later. I had one backpack for my morning classes, with half of my stuff in it, and then another backpack for my afternoon classes. This way, I don’t have to worry about my backpack ripping or putting too much weight onto my back (I switched bags after lunch so I didn’t race the clock).

Tips from a teen on what every student should know before attending middle school or junior high. - SahmReviews.com

Extra Curricular Activities

Almost every student in school does at least some kind of club or sport. Not only do you get exercise or have this boost your overall happiness, it’s quite fun and entertaining. There are various different choices. Our school offers both individual and team sports as well as clubs ranging from recycling to chess to trap shooting. I would definitely recommend looking into the sports options your school offers as well as the choices of clubs organized by the school.

Tips from a teen on what every student should know before attending middle school or junior high. - SahmReviews.com

The Social Life

All students like to dress for the best. Girls try to look the prettiest while boys try to look the hottest (ICK). But in reality, do not do that. It’s not like whoever you date in middle school is going to be your lifetime mate. Dress with the weather, don’t overdo it. Also, along with this, don’t be anyone you’re not. Be yourself, that is who you are, and that alone is beautiful.

These are just some small and simple key tools to making your middle school experience go smoother than you think, and better than it seems. Stay in school, kids!

42 thoughts on “10 Things Every Student Should Know Before Attending Middle School

  1. I love your tips but unfortunately my daughter never took any advice on your list. I am going to send this list to her so maybe she can use them for high school!

      1. Anything new can be scary, Porter, so that feeling is understandable. For us, being prepared helps take away some of the anxiety because we at least have control of some of the things.

        I encourage you to talk with your parents about your feelings. Ask them for help to organize things you can have control over. Ask for their advice about what is concerning you. But in general, it’s important that they know that you’re scared because they are the first ones you should go to for help. While at school, teachers, counselors and staff are there too should you need anything.

  2. I remember the transition into changing schools like it was yesterday! I was so excited to get my first locker. These are some wonderful tips for those who are movin on up!

        1. Omg! I am also going into middle school in August. I’m so nervous and I hope that I’ll be ok lol! Please give me some helpful advice! :0

  3. I wish I had thought to have two backpacks when I was in school! Textbooks (and everything else you have to haul around!) are ridiculously heavy.

    1. What should i do if im embarrased or dissed by popular sports friends? and i have heard things saying that it is really hard to keep up with your work? what should i do if i have no friends

      1. idk, i’m going to middle school in 3 MONTHS and i’m freaking out. i signed up for the harder math classes and i am freaking out. so advice to both of us, do not worry about how people are going to treat you. if you have info and proof that those are disrespecting you. if you dont start now, u’ll never get the hang of it. i learned that back in 4th grade.

        1. same :(. I somehow got good grades on my state test, and now have to apply for higher classes :0. My parents also have high anxiety, and I got that gene, let me tell u. I HOPE I don’t freak. Dang, do I wish to be in elementary.

          1. Luci – Hopefully you were able to handle the year! (Sorry that I didn’t see your message when you posted it!) This past year was unusual for many and even “popular” kids were stuck at home during classes causing feelings of isolation. If you’re struggling to find friends, join clubs, sports and activities that interest you. It’s a great way to find people with interests similar to your own.

            Eve – Great advice about not worrying how people treat you. It’s a skill that you’ll use your entire life. Don’t FREAK OUT. You sound like you have a good head on your shoulders. You can do this!

            Layla – Don’t let the “higher class” cause you anxiety. The school wouldn’t allow you to be in the class if they felt you weren’t capable of it. Many students wait until the last minute but then struggle when other teachers assign things that overlap that time frame. If you stay organized and do your homework when assigned, it will help a lot.

          2. Thx so much Nicole! You have helped me a lot. I will keep you updated in a couple months to tell you whats up! -check for that lol

  4. I think I should show this post to my mom! haha lol this is for my sister who is going to mid schools!

  5. My daughter is going to be a freshman and has yet to have a locker. I’m sure she will in high school and I bet she won’t know what to do with it. Great tips.

  6. I never thought that in choosing a good school is to know what clubs and sports the school can provide for one’s child. This reminds me of my niece’s daughter, who is about to enter high school next year. Knowing that she loves volleyball and painting, I will help her find a school that does not only has clubs for both but also have a great curriculum that can help her prepare for college.

  7. I’ve ve been thinking about middle school since Kindergarten! These are some wonderful tips for middle school, which I’m going to in 3 months! My mom DEFINITELY liked the last one the best. I will be sure to use all those tips next year. I can not use words to epress my excitement for middle school!!!

    1. Hope you had a great year, Booknut, although it didn’t end like we all expected! Now that you’ve finished the year, which of these tips helped you the most? What would you add for other incoming students?

  8. I’m going into middle school in August and for me right now it July 12 so I’m gonna try to use your advice for school your gonna be such a great help like the be your self I do that alot and also I dress normally so like my fav thing to were is hoodies I even like to were them in summer and Spring……thanks for the advice

  9. My granddaughter has another year before entering middle school but I think these are such helpful suggestions that I am going to save this for her. It is such a big transition and I have read ideas from parents and teachers but this is really great coming from a student who has recently been through the process.

  10. I just graduated Elementary School and decided to check out some back-to-school videos from 2019, and was reading many of the comments stating that Middle School was much worse than High School! I instantly jumped to my computer and searched for tips on middle school and how to survive it. I found website, after website, after website, but none of them gave me the exact information I wanted to receive. I’m so glad I found your article, I will definitely try some of these. The two backpack idea is something I would’ve never thought’ve. Thank you for this!!!

    1. Thanks for your kind comments, Via. I hope you were able to implement some of these ideas even though it was a less-than-normal year!

    1. If you can’t find your locker, either use Campus Portal (if your school uses it) and look up your locker number under your personal information, or go to your school’s office and let them know you can’t find your locker, give them your name and they should be able to help you!

  11. the tip about being organized really helped because im so messy. Also thanks i really needed this because im so nerves to go back to school.And its good to know that i can can do this even though its online so its a little harder.

    1. Being organized is very important, Joseph, and even more important once you get to high school and college! Glad the article helped calm your nerves some!

  12. what is your locker isn’t the full length like shown in the pic of lockers? Meaning, they are cut in horizontally.

    1. Kylie – Two backpacks was really helpful for my daughters. One of the good things about distance learning is that a lot of schools started using digital text books instead of all physical ones. My daughters had far less heavy books to carry this past year!

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