Quad Cities Haunted Houses and Pumpkin Patches

There are still wholesome (and scary) opportunities to celebrate Halloween. Check out these Quad Cities haunted houses and pumpkin patches. - SahmReviews.com

We have a lot of quality family time watching movies, TV series and playing board games, but we also expose the girls to a variety of experiences. Some examples of recent years’ activities are auctions, kid-friendly collector events, trips to board game conventions, travels to Beaches Resorts or a family cruise through the Caribbean. But they’re now at an age where they’re going to be doing a lot more without us. My childhood was filled with Halloween activities like school parties, parades and trick-or-treating. As I got older my friends and I focused on seeing scary movies and visiting haunted houses. I have some amazing memories of hitting multiple Jaycee Haunted Houses when I was in high school. Some that were filled with laughs and others with screams. Open only on Friday and Saturday evenings leading up to Halloween, we would make a point of driving to a couple each weekend, some of which were in small towns around the Quad Cities. One vivid memory involved a pitch black maze where we cou.dn’t find the exit. There were so many people piling up in that room that (for safety reasons) the moderators needed to send a guide in to get some of us out. Another had a revolving door that only permitted two people through at a time and it switched directions every two people. What this did was break up large groups into twos and send them on two different routes through the house! My girls are starting to express interest in these types of activities so we’ve been researching to find haunted houses in the Quad Cities.

Times have changed and it doesn’t appear that the Jaycees still do anything of the sort, but there are many other Quad Cities haunted houses to visit. While some of these recur each year, others come and go. Check out these this year!

Quad Cities Haunted Houses (Seasonal)

Be sure to visit the website or Facebook page for specific details and scheduling. I also encourage you to consider calling them to confirm availability since these are generally seasonal events.

Davenport Haunted Houses

The Sinister House of Nightmares
4915 Northwest Blvd, Davenport

Bettendorf Haunted Houses

Children’s Haunted Theatre
Pleasant Valley High School, 604 Belmont Rd, Bettendorf

Rock Island Haunted Houses

Terror at Skellington Manner
420 18th Street, Rock Island

Shock House Haunted House
2621 4th Ave, Rock Island

Moline Haunted Houses

Factory of Fear
5027 4th Avenue, Moline

Surrounding Communities

Asylum of Mad Dreams
19425 Rt 84 N, Cordova, IL

Torment at Twelve Hundred
5030 N. 1200th Ave. Orion, IL

Zombie Paintball & Nightime Flashlight Maze
5333 U.S. Hwy 150, Alpha, IL

QC Haunted Forest
3501 207th St. N. Port Byron, IL

Nightmare on Fairground Road
Bureau County Fairgrounds, 811 W Peru St, Princeton, IL

Haunted Haven
9400 Hoover Road, Rock Falls, IL

Stinky’s House of Horrors
911 E 11th St., Muscatine, IA

Charlotte Haunted House
115 1st Street/Hwy 136, Charlotte, IA

Thrashers House of Terror
405 E Thresher Rd, Mt Pleasant, IA

There are still wholesome (and scary) opportunities to celebrate Halloween. Check out these Quad Cities haunted houses and pumpkin patches. - SahmReviews.com

Quad Cities Pumpkin Patches (Seasonal)

Iowa-side Pumpkin Patches

Pride of the Wapsi
14600 305th St, Long Grove, IA

Buffalo Pumpkin Patch
1500 Front Street, Buffalo, IA

Illinois-side Pumpkin Patches

Corn Crib Nursery
6924 US Route 150, Coal Valley, IL

Hopefully you will have a screaming-good time visiting these spooky places or enjoy some family time perusing pumpkins in the patch. Leave a comment if you know of any other haunted house events in or around the Quad Cities.

Have you ever visited a haunted house or pumpkin patch?

12 thoughts on “Quad Cities Haunted Houses and Pumpkin Patches

  1. This looks awesome! What a great list of Halloween festivities to go to! We have a lot of fun at pumpkin patches as a family every year. I will be sharing this post with friends I know near these locations.

  2. I love going to the pumpkin patches and corn mazes this time of year. Haven’t gone to a Haunted House in years but my grandkids love them.

  3. I am not a big fan of spooky activities and haunted houses are not my jam. A trip to the pumpkin patch with my grandchildren would be best for me. My sons can visit all the haunted houses they want, as long as they do not bring home those lost spirits.

  4. I love pumpkin patches, although I think I have only been to one in my entire life. I also like Haunted houses, but we don’t have any great ones around here. Glad that you shared some awesome spots in the Quad Cities to visit this Halloween season.

  5. There’s a book I read a while ago called something like Haunted Heartland, or Haunted in the Heartland, or something like that and it references a ton of haunted houses….it might help with your research….lots of spooky stories too.

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