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I remember when I was a tween and desperately wanted to wear what everyone else had. By the time I hit high school, I had given up on trying to follow other fashion trends and decided just to do my own thing, wearing a denim jacket and pinky ring well before it was the cool thing to do. As a mom, I want my kids to pave their own paths and display confidence in their choices.

One of the first times they experienced being unique is when they wore Monster Coats. The first time Madison and Kennedy wore them in public they were stopped constantly and asked about where someone could acquire such a unique garment. One adult even offered to purchase Madison’s green and blue version. I think that was the turning point where they realized that it’s okay to follow fashion trends sometimes, but even better to set them.

Brookstone's Cat Ear Headphones double as speakers! -

And there’s no better way than with music and technology, things they thoroughly love. Whether they are listening to music, practicing their instrument, streaming videos or playing a video game, headphones are a necessity. With their new cat ear headphones, they can be stylish while also being functional.

It’s funny that they’ve shown such an interest in these cat ear headphones. Madison is a professed husky fanatic and is actually allergic to cats. With a combination of features including LED lights and headphones that convert to speakers with the push of a button, I think it’s the fact that they are just too cool looking not to love. It’s a little easier to read what Kennedy likes about them: they are adorable.

These cat ear headphones come in a variety of colors and double as speakers. - SahmReviews.comThese cat ear headphones come in a variety of colors and double as speakers. - These cat ear headphones come in a variety of colors and double as speakers. -

When the girls realize the headphones come in other colors in addition to blue or I might find myself needing to stop by a Brookstone store or buy them online. Because… fashion. And you have to match your outfit, right?

Keep your Brookstone cat ear headphones safe in their own carry case. -

One thing that completely surprised me was how excited Kennedy was about the carry case. When she read the box that a storage case was included, she specifically commented on how great it was that they would be safe when not in use.

The cat ear headphones have light, speaker and volume controls on the ear cup in addition to volume, track change and pause controls on the cable. -

I personally thought the controls were fantastic, with volume controls built into the ear cups but ALSO on the cord. The ability to jump through tracks on your device, both forward and back, is an additional button on the cord while the speaker toggle and LED controls are on the ear cup.

Cat ear headphones from Brookstone have light up LEDs. -

Sometimes you want to glow and sometimes you don’t. The kids know that having these lit up at home or with their friends is fine, but would be a distraction to the driver in a vehicle at night. The LEDs are a novelty, but can be turned off as needed with the tap of a button. They currently are available in blue, red, green and even purple and recharging them is easy with the cable included in the package.

I asked the girls specifically what they thought of these and Kennedy said they fit snugly on her small head. Because of her small stature, she’s often relegated to purchasing product intended for younger children which often include characters and designs too young for her tastes. With Brookstone’s Cat Ear Headphones, she was able to wear the same pair as her older sister, look cute and be functional as well as happy. I thought that would mean Madison felt they were too tight, but surprisingly she said they were quite comfortable.

Both girls loved being able to watch a video and easily toggle to the speaker mode when they came across something they wanted the other to hear. Madison hasn’t had a chance to use the included gaming mic yet, but I’m certain she’ll think it’s a cool feature. I can just see her gaming with her dad… him using his gamer set and her using the cat ear headphones! When asked if they thought their friends would like these, the answer was “Ooohhh, yeaaahhhh!” Now the debate begins about whether they can take and use them at school.

The cat ear headphones are available at Brookstone brick and mortar stores as well as online. Follow Brookstone on Facebook and Twitter to see what other cool, trendy products they feature.

What color cat ear headphones would you (I mean, your teen) want?

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  1. These are super cute for young girls! I love all the colors and that the glow in the dark – so fun! Great Christmas present idea for a few little girls on my list!

  2. Ok, am def gonna buy these for my granddaughter, Easter am a thinkin’….she will really dig ’em, thanks, I did not know they existed until just now 🙂


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