My Kids. My Boots. My Problems.

Fashionable and comfortable, Lugz Tallulah boots don't disappoint! -


As a mom, I like to tease my kids about how they are growing up too fast. It’s halfheartedly a joke and half completely serious. Everyone says that babies become children then graduate then become adults all in the blink of an eye. It’s true and sometimes it is hard to swallow. Each day, my almost-teenager stands next to me and tells me that she is just as tall as me. I’m afraid to blink and find that she is no longer my little one.

So let’s change the subject. (Sort of.) Can we talk about boots again? Yes. Again. I know I have an addiction to them, but I have an unrelated problem that is complicating things. “How?”, you ask. It has spread by four feet. Let me explain.

These Lugz Tallulah boots are comfortable AND fashionable! -

It is bad enough that my girls are getting bigger and growing up and difficult that one has decided to steal my shoes, but now the boots. Really, kid? I can get over the shoes, but my boots. Sigh. Say it isn’t so! I know you’re growing up; you don’t need to rub it in. To be fair, she comes by boot-theft honestly. Need I remind you that I recently admitted to stealing boots from a scarecrow? For her clothes and footwear aren’t about fashion. She just likes to feel natural.

These Lugz Tallulah boots are comfortable AND fashionable! -

“They’re comfy when I walk, mom.”

“I know, dear. I know they are. Once upon a time, they were MY boots.”

But that is only half of the story. My fashionista has already told me that my new Lugz Tallulah boots are so awesome that she’s taking them as soon as I grow out of them. Then she realized that my feet won’t grow any more so she rephrased and told me she’ll claim them as soon as SHE grows into them. She’s already been testing them out and told me how comfortable they are.

“I know, dear. I know they are. Once upon a time, they were MY boots.”

Someday they will be mine again. Thank goodness I have my Sophia boots to get me by.

These Lugz Tallulah boots are comfortable AND fashionable! -

I already own black boots (my Lugz Sophia ones that I love!) as well as red clog boots, so I decided to go with brown ones that have black accents. They are versatile and can go with a variety of colors! In case you’re curious, they are available in combos that focus on Red Brown, Golden Wheat and Black as the primary color. That will be important for you to know and I’ll explain why in a minute.

What is so special about the Lugz Tallulah boots. Let me tell you a little about them. Just like the Lugz Sophia boots, they are incredibly cozy. For that matter, every pair of Lugz footwear that we own can make that same claim! Sporting a soft fur lining, these boots are not only warm, but they are also very fashionable! Did I mention they are also affordable? Lugz Tallulah boots run under $75 per pair! Oh, and you probably wouldn’t have guessed it, but they are pretty comfortable. I don’t think I have said that yet.

Now let’s get back to why I said knowing the available colors is important. Lugz will be participating in our 49 days of giveaways where the winner will get t select a pair of ladies’ Lugz Tallulah boots in their choice of color! Keep an eye out for the giveaway to launch soon!

What are your parent / child thoughts on borrowing shoes from each other?

26 thoughts on “My Kids. My Boots. My Problems.

  1. Oh I instantly fell in love with those Lugz boots! I want a pair myself. They look insanely comfortable and to me that is most important. But I also love how stylish they look too! I’m very excited about that price range too! Most boots I like usually range over $150 a pair. So this is a much happier mama!

  2. I borrow from my mom all the time and vice versa! She even buys her shoes a half size up so that I can fit them! Mind you I’m 26….so something tells me your daughter will always be stealing your shoes too. Lol


  3. i loveee them. if i still lived in michigan or somewhere with a cool climate I would totally rock the ones your daughter is wearing. They look warm and very stylish.

  4. My oldest daughter (11) and I wear the same size shoe and often share. I never mind, so long as the shoes she borrows are age appropriate. Both she and I would love boots like these!

  5. Oh yeah…my teen would totally “borrow” my boots and I’d never see them again! Bunmer too because these look like comfy, warm boots!

  6. Sharing boots with my daughter- such is the fate of my boots too! These Lugz Tallulah boots are so pretty and well made that I would have to share them with my daughter!

  7. Oh, these boots are awesome~! Comfy, warm, beautiful, affordable, and a super tread so no slipping on the ice or snow. What more could you ask for? PLus, LUGZ last forever!

  8. I sincerely need these warm, comfortable and stylish boots. I dont use my heat (too expensive!!!) and need to keep my feet warm! (and look good while doing it!)

  9. Love these Boots! They look so comfortable & stylish…I think it’s great that you’ve shared yours with your daughter 🙂 I would do the same!!

  10. I love the boots!! I also know how you feel about those once being your boots. And they do grow up in a blink of an eye. My youngest daughter graduated from high school last year and started at Ole Miss this past fall and I am having a hard time still believing it. But she wears my clothes and shoes a lot and now that she’s at ole miss, 3 hours away, when she leaves going back I know a lot of my clothes will be packed up going with her probably never to return to my closet. It happens.

  11. I think that it’s fine for the children to borrow each other’s shoes as long as they take proper care of the shoes and remember to return the shoes.

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