SAHM Reviews is Adding Contributing Writers

I love SAHM Reviews – sharing life stories and relating them to a product.  But there are several products that I’m asked to review that I either can’t due to time restraints or won’t because it’s just not a product that fits into our household.  For example, there are some fantastic baby products on the market these days but I wouldn’t be able to provide a baby review because there isn’t a baby in the house. Sure, I can talk about a product and give you specifics about it… but if you want generic facts, the manufacturer’s product page or a site like Amazon is much better.What SAHM Reviews is trying to achieve is showing the integration of various products into life.

Since I can’t write about everything but still want to provide that content for my readers, I’ve decided to expand.  I’m gradually adding contributing writers starting with some people I already know and work with.

Elizabeth from Honk If You Compost is the first contributing writer on the list.  She’s a world-traveler, having lived overseas for a period of time.  She’s passionate about the environment, as evidenced by her blog.  When one of my PR contacts pitched Clean+Green on behalf of their client, SeaYu Enterprises, I immediately thought of Elizabeth.  She welcomed the idea of writing for SAHM Reviews and I welcome Elizabeth aboard.

I’ve been working with a few other writers for various household products, pets, crafts and baby products.  But I’m on the lookout for more.  I’m hoping to create a special button that says “Contributing Author for SAHM Reviews” but I’m not there yet.  There are only two requests – (1) Make it a story where you  provide details about the product.  (2) If you receive a product for SAHM Reviews, feel free to post short teasers on your own blog, social networking sites, etc directing them to your review at SAHM Reviews.

If you have an area of expertise and would love to create story-based reviews for SAHM Reviews, please send an email to Nicole at SAHM Reviews with your qualifications and samples of your writing style.

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