New Game Release – License to Grill

License to Grill

Greater Than Games released License to Grill, the latest polyomino placement game from Flat River Group, into retail recently.

You are all grill masters at an epic but poorly organized neighborhood cookout. The goal of the game is to impress your neighbors by serving the most delicious food. However, there is only one grill available, and only two coolers packed full of randomly assorted food, one for veggies and one for meats. The player who prepared food most recently goes first. On each player’s turn, they have two actions which they can spend to do various things like prepping, grilling, spicing, saucing, or serving. Get grilling and get the competition out of the way so your delicious food can be served first! Or MEAT your maker…

License to Grill is for three to five players, ages fourteen and up, and plays in under forty-five minutes. It retails for $39.99.

Greater Than Games also previously released Medium (see “Medium“).  

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