New Game Release – Adventure Party

Adventure Party

Smirk & Dagger Games has released Adventure Party, a groundbreaking RPG party game, into retail this week.

Adventure Party delivers a robust role-playing experience that can be enjoyed within 2 minutes of explanation. In this cooperative guessing game, 3-6 players take the roles of adventurers in a classic fantasy role-playing world, facing monsters and attempting heroic deeds. Over the course of 3 scenarios, the party will work together and collectively attempt to score the most Experience Points possible.

Players will take turns, rolling their 20-sided die in secret. Based on how well or poorly they rolled, they will describe what their character does; first outlining their plans and then describing the outcome of their actions. The goal of which is to provide enough detail so that the GM for that turn can GUESS the number they rolled as closely as possible, earning the entire party Experience Points.

Adventure Party is for three to eight players, ages fourteen and up, and plays in 20-60 minutes. It retails for $34.99!

Smirk & Dagger Games also previously released boop. (see “boop.“).  

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