Holiday Giveaways 2021 – Winner Winner Chicken Dinner by 25th Century Games

I clearly spent too much time trekking to Vegas when we lived in Los Angeles. Every time I hear Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, I have flashbacks to all the time spent at the Craps tables. But I’m confident that it won’t take much time until I associate it with Iowa living and playing board games. If you’re unsure why those two things ring true then 1) you don’t realize how many people raise chickens here and 2) you didn’t read our overview of Winner Winner Chicken Dinner from 25th Century Games. (You can go read it. I’ll wait.) In addition to writing about the game on our site, we also included it in our recent gift guide featuring card and dice games! Thanks to the generosity of the sponsor, we’re taking it a step further and offering a copy of the game in our holiday giveaway promotion! You’ve already read about the game (you did go read about it, right?) and saw it in our gift guide. Hopefully you already picked up a copy on Amazon to give as a gift for the holidays! No reason to wait any longer… it’s time to enter. We’ll be shouting Winner Winner Chicken Dinner to one of our readers; maybe it will be you!

Holiday Giveaway 2021 – Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Game

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