Monopoly: Nightmare Before Christmas Game Giveaway

In conjunction with our holiday gift guides filled with gift ideas for everyone on your list, we're having a mega giveaway with over 150 days of prizes!

When I was my daughters’ age, my parents won a silent auction for a disc player and a couple of movies including Gandhi and War Games. I watched War Games so many times I could recite all the lines by heart. The girls’ are equally as fanatical about a couple movies, but most notably for The Nightmare Before Christmas.

We’ve really enjoyed seeing the various ways the franchise is promoted with action figures, clothing and games. We even have a large Jack Skellington poster framed and hanging in our play room. In honor of the 25th Anniversary of the movie, you may have spotted a couple Nightmare Before Christmas games in our guide to pop culture gifts. Even though Christmas is well behind us, we’re still in the mood for this classic so we’re giving away a copy of the game! Enter to win the Monopoly edition right here!

Mega Giveaway 2018 – Monopoly: Nightmare Before Christmas Game

37 thoughts on “Monopoly: Nightmare Before Christmas Game Giveaway

  1. Jack Skellington is my favorite Nightmare Before Christmas character. One of my favorite films. Thank you for the chance to win.

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