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The girls recently decided to purge some items from their rooms to make space for new passions and collections. I watched as Kennedy struggled to let go of stuffed animals that had a significant meaning to her. She comes by it honestly as I’m a sentimental collector as well. I have a huge keepsake storage box filled with memories on paper including drawings, schoolwork, report cards, event programs and activity photos. At the end of each grade school year, we would gather all their artwork on the lawn, have them lay in the middle then take a picture. We would keep a few of our favorites then recycle the rest. If it utilized their hand or foot prints, it was a sure keeper. I regret that I let go of some where they expressed their creativity by bringing fictional friends to life on paper.

This past holiday season, we introduced you to Budsies, a company that takes those drawings and brings them to life in plush form. It becomes functional artwork and a keepsake at the same time. I wish I had discovered them when my girls were little. We’re excited to partner with them to offer this awesome prize to one of our readers! Enter to win and remember to return daily for more chances!

Mega Giveaway 2018 – Budsies Custom Plush

29 thoughts on “Budsies Custom Plush Giveaway

  1. I’ve got a Christmas ornament I made from when I was in Kindergarten.
    When my mother-in-law passed a couple years back, we discovered a Christmas ornament that my wife had made in Kindergarten in her storage.
    These ornaments go near the top of the tree together every year.

  2. Every year I received a Christmas ornament that had some significance (ex. ballet slippers first year I took dance class). I kept all of them and now use them on my tree. At Christmas time my children enjoy looking at them and listening to stories about why I received each ornament. I have continued the yearly ornament tradition with my children and they each have their own significant yearly ornaments to take with them when they have their own Christmas tree.

  3. I didn’t keep anything from my childhood.There are a few things I wish I had: my globe radio, a horse, and my Barbie dolls.

  4. I have a teddy bear that has been handed down from my great grandmother, to my grandmother and then my mom and now me and my granddaughter can not wait to get it.

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