Mega Giveaway Day 26 – PeltaPeeps For Two Game

You’ll see our Day 26 prize in a gift guide later this week, but we’re giving you a peep at it early right here! Wonder what it is? Of course you do! it’s PeltaPeeps for Two, a 2-person take on Pelta Games‘ Pelta Peeps game. (That’s an mouthful isn’t it?!) The story behind the company is pretty interesting, too. Among other businesses, they previously owned a glass studio. That art is the inspiration behind their line of games. These aren’t your average mass market game though with each being custom made at their facility in Florida. Use the form to enter to win PeltaPeeps for Two in our 150+ Days of Giveaways. REALLY want it? Come back each day for additional chances to enter to win or guarantee yourself a copy by ordering one!

150+ Days of Giveaways – Day 26 – PeltaPeeps for Two Game

37 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 26 – PeltaPeeps For Two Game

  1. Yes! Beautiful artwork and colors make me want to play a game more. Boring bland cards just don’t cut it anymore!

  2. Yeah, more than I’m consciously aware of I bet. Even something as simple as having a board or tokens can make me want to play a game over a card game, even though while we are playing card only games i have just as much fun.

  3. In some ways, yes, the design on the game box and pieces do enhance the game playing experience. It makes the game unique and memorable.

  4. Definitely! I might pass over a good game because it just doesn’t draw me in visually. But the same token, I’ve purchased games that first caught my eye for their beauty (Kanban, Yedo) which then caused me to see what the game play was like.

  5. Yes, especially with little kids, they are not yet into real abstract games. Table appeal helps and at this state in the hobby it is expected. I like it since it also helps draw in new players.

  6. Aesthetics are often what initially capture my attention when checking out a game; however, a game with solid strategy, a creative premise, and replay value are qualities that keep me coming back to a game. Aesthetics at that point are just a nice bonus.

  7. A games aesthetics do impact the overall attractiveness of the game. If for example the game was black and grey the visual feedback in my mind is that the game will be dark and gloomy. But if the game is full of color this would attract my senses. On top of all of this it the bright game would provide extra vitamin E for happiness!

  8. Absolutely! Box art helps attract new players, board and cards and character play mats and things keep you engaged. 🙂

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