Mega Giveaway Day 5 – Garbage Day Card Game

Can I get a collective “ya-hoo” for Garbage Day? No, not the one where you haul the junk from your home to the curb. I mean the game from Mayday Games! It’s the latest prize in our MEGA giveaway and we’re thankful that Mayday Games has offered one for our readers!

We’re confident you’ll find a variety of gift ideas in up upcoming gift guides. The reason we are so sure is because we regularly play games like Garbage Day and think game night should be a regular part of everyone’s schedules.

Our first gift guide will launch in a couple days but we have SO MANY GIVEAWAYS that we had to start them early! As you enter our giveaways, we hope you’ll take time to thank the sponsors for their participation. Good luck!

150+ Days of Giveaways – Day 5 – Garbage Day Game

51 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 5 – Garbage Day Card Game

  1. I recycle and am guilty of taking things out of the garbage that other family members put in there in order to recycle.

  2. Sadly we don’t recycle much but I reuse candle wax/melted wax cubes, dryer lent and paper egg cartons to make fire starters!

  3. We definitely recycle! We just took in our cans & bottles and got $90 back! Not only is it better for the environment, that’s money people are just throwing away!

  4. well 50/50 some times we do and some times we dont are city got a thing that we have one gabage cam and one recycle game and if it dont fit all in the cans thay give you oh well then they will not pick up if well its out there not in the can with the lid down and what you can get out in that can has to wait untell the next pick up week but it has to be in the can or they will not take it so well we try to recycle.

  5. Our city has a recycling program where they will pick up recyclables once a week. So, we recycle all our cardboard, paper, and cans. Thanks.

  6. I recycle some stuff. I even use some as containers for game components. Other than that, I still try to segregate my trash

  7. We used to recycle, but sadly, our current apartment complex doesn’t offer recycle service. So for now, it all gets trashed. 🙁

  8. Currently I only recycle at school because we don’t have a recycling bin available in our apartment complex. We just bought a house and are moving in the middle of next month and then we’ll have recycling! I’m so excited!

  9. I very rarely recycle because we don’t have a separate recycle bin/disposal unit…but if we did, I definitely would!

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