The PatPat app has a variety of deals including some cool gadgets. -


We don’t hide our thrifty nature. It’s something we’re proud of and regularly discuss the amazing deals we find at thrift stores. Sometimes we discuss other deals we discover and last September I told you about the PatPat shopping app that has an ever-changing landscape of incredible prices.

The variety of products makes me regularly launch the PatPat app on my iPhone to see what is available each day. Sometimes I’ll see a scarf or necklace and other times I find beauty products. While surfing the PatPat app a month or so ago, I noticed a dress that reminded me of the infamous weather girl dress. Not only were weather girls purchasing it, but I’ve spotted at least two of our local newscasters sporting it. However, the one I found on PatPat was much cheaper with a $15.99 starting price. As you may recall, if you share about something you discovered, you save up to 10% more. If that many women purchased a dress for $32, imagine how many would have bought the one I found on PatPat for under $15!

The PatPat app has a variety of deals including some cool gadgets. -  The PatPat app has a variety of deals including some cool gadgets. -

Of course, the rotating products is a blessing and a curse. I learned my lesson to grab something if I fell in love with it. When those musical instrument flash drives showed up again, I didn’t hesitate to grab one. It’s at that point that I realized some items do show up again and now I’m checking back even more often in hopes of grabbing a few other bargains I previously missed out on.

Cute makeup brush sets are available for great prices on the PatPat app. -  PatPat keeps the packaging simple and passes on the savings to the consumer! - SahmReviews.comCute makeup brush sets are available for great prices on the PatPat app. -

As an example, there were recently a number of makeup brush sets available. With a daughter who has started wearing makeup, I thought it was important for her to have the right tools for applying it. Of course, I also realized that my brushes are so old I can’t remember when I bought them. While I have a DIY method for cleaning makeup brushes that is easy and inexpensive, there comes a time when it’s okay to purchase new ones. When the price of a whole set is so affordable, why not?

This beautiful statement necklace didn't cost much with PatPat app! -

While I was at it, I decided to add a lovely new necklace to my basket. It arrived in time for me to wear to the Chicago Auto Show. Jewelry is one of those things that I tend to be a bit skeptical of, always wanting to get the nicest quality stuff. Recently, I realized that it doesn’t have to be 24k gold to be a great addition to my wardrobe. I was able to dress up some simple shirts and dresses simply by finding an inexpensive piece of costume jewelry.

With new deals posted daily, you can save on shopping with the PatPat app. -

In addition to the already great prices and the discounts you can get by sharing the items on social media, from now until 4/1/2016, readers can save an ADDITIONAL 25% of their first order by entering code “SAHM25” at checkout. That’s a lot of saving!

What are you waiting for? PatPat shopping app is available for iOS as well as Android and full of great items. Keep on top of PatPat promotions by following them on InstagramTwitter and Facebook. In the meantime, enter to win a $30 PatPat app credit in our giveaway.

Does the additional discount encourage you to share about the great deals you discover?

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  1. Unfortunately I only have a desktop–I do not have a phone where I can download this app which I am sure I would be purchasing from-I do love saving money. I am going to tell my Mom about this app–she is a shopper and is really good at finding discounts–I know she would LOVE this site!!

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