My Battle Against Long Hair Continues

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There is a war I’ve been waging ever since my girls have gotten older and let their hair grow long. It was bad enough having a wife with long hair. Guys, you know the story – clogged drains, random strands on your clothes and the occasional ‘tumbleweed’ of hair blowing across the bathroom floor. That’s the price we pay for choosing a mate with long locks. But now I have that problem times three!

Living with three females, all with long hair is not something I wish on anyone. The Eureka Brushroll Clean should hopefully make the situation better. -

That’s our drain in 2013. Long hair turns to goop after a while and has to be pulled out of the sink and shower on a regular basis. We even still use our Energizer Headlamp to assist us in the eventual removal of the trap to make sure everything is out of the system. Is this really what little girls are made of?

Living with three females, all with long hair is not something I wish on anyone. The Eureka Brushroll Clean should hopefully make the situation better. -

But what we haven’t been able to solve is this. I’m sure you have something similar in the roller of your vacuum and probably hate getting it out as much as I do. You know the process, turn the vacuum upside down, disassemble the base, remove the roller and the belt that turns it. Now you can actually begin cleaning it. This means getting out the scissors or knife and begin cutting away at the tangled mess, pulling it out one small piece at a time. Then you get the pleasure of reassembling it! What a fun couple of hours…

Living with three females, all with long hair is not something I wish on anyone. The Eureka Brushroll Clean should hopefully make the situation better. -

I recently learned of a new feature being included in a particular model of Eureka vacuums that sounded like it was the perfect option for us. Last year we taught our daughter to vacuum her own room and even had her assemble our new Eureka. And while that model still performs like new today, it suffered from the same issue as our previous one – tangled hair!

Living with three females, all with long hair is not something I wish on anyone. The Eureka Brushroll Clean should hopefully make the situation better. -

The Eureka Brushroll Clean™ with SuctionSeal® promises something that every household has been fighting since the invention of the vacuum cleaner – a self-cleaning brushroll! Simply by turning on the vacuum and depressing the “brushroll clean pedal”, any tangled hairs should get cut away in just a few seconds! This is a feature that they included in their Electrolux line and won rave reviews, so the inclusion in a model that retails for under $200 will probably make this a category leader.

There are a couple other little features that this one includes that even my other Eureka was missing. First is the SuctionSeal® which allows you to raise or lower the head to maximize suction against whatever floor it is that you’re cleaning.

Living with three females, all with long hair is not something I wish on anyone. The Eureka Brushroll Clean should hopefully make the situation better. -

And the retractable cord – I had completely forgotten about having one on a vacuum cleaner. My family had an old canister Electrolux way-back-when that had one of those pull and stop, then pull and release types of cords. It seems all current vacuums just have a long cord that wraps up and down the back of the vacuum. Foolproof, but you have to release the whole cord every time you want to use the machine. The Eureka Brushroll Clean™ with SuctionSeal® has a cord ‘spool’ that uses the pull and lock mechanic and then retracts by hitting a button on top of it! Sometimes older tech really is the best.

Living with three females, all with long hair is not something I wish on anyone. The Eureka Brushroll Clean should hopefully make the situation better. -

But best of all, it is still easy and light enough for our daughters to use. I mean, if they’re going to continue to wear their hair long, the least they can do is clean up after themselves. Now if only they would make a waterproof version that I can attach to the drain! You will find the Eureka Brushroll Clean™ with SuctionSeal® exclusively at Walmart both in-store and online.

What’s better than reading about the latest technology? Winning one for yourself! Eureka is giving away eight amazing prize packages with a total value of $4600! Enter right now using the form below!

Eureka #CleaningUntangled Sweeps!

466 thoughts on “My Battle Against Long Hair Continues

  1. wonderful invention. I have 3 dogs and a cat not to mention the people hair,this would be very helpful.

  2. I shed BAD. My husband is always complaining that I clog the shower with my hair. As far as I am concerned, that’s his problem 😉

    1. Amen to that, Robin! I have the same problem and think your solution is perfect. Although I am a little excited about trying out the new vacuum. How sad is that? LOL

    2. I have the same issue and my current vac can’t handle all my long hair. i need scissors to clear the brush away so i can clean

  3. AMAZING! The downfall of every vacuum ive ever had has been my girlfriends long hair binding up the roller.

  4. the hair that gets on the brush! hafta get the scissors out to remove it. Finally a solution. self cleaning brush

  5. I so want this-I have a long hair dog and this new technology would make my cleaning much quicker!!

  6. I really like the self rewinding cord – The biggest pain in the rear is winding up that cord every time

  7. The self rewinding cord is the best feature 🙂 I have a dog and this would help out so much cleaning!!!!

  8. with 3 dogs I need all the help I can get, so this would be wonderful – especially since hair in general just grosses me out – even if it is just mine

  9. Awesome, thanks for the chance, my hubby killed my vacuum so I’ve been having to use his shop vac

  10. Wow, this is perfect for anyone with pets.. I can’t stand getting all the hair uncaught from my vacuum.

  11. This is just an awesome machine! I need one so badly! Like the rewind and self cleaning brush features.

  12. I love how easy it looks. I hate having to cut all the hair and strings off my Vac. The automatic cord rewind is awesome!

  13. I think it’s great especially since we are in allergy season, and I need all the help I can get!

  14. This is really neat and i want that brushroll right about now. I shed more than a dog! LOL I need one that can meet and match the hair around my house. I am surprised i am not bald as of yet.

  15. First let me be honest here–i have LONG hair. I have not met a guy yet who did not like it long until it came to the DRAINs and the poor vacuum cleaner–add to that cat hair (or back when dog hair). Now I never asked them to clean or fix anything–but I guess they figured if they didn’t it would never get done (they were probably right!!) I definitely have to look into this vacuum since I am now living happily single with my cat!!

  16. I hear you with the hair in the drains. I don’t have long hair but still have the same problem. It gets pretty gross.!! I could sure use that vacuum, especially if it gets up that much hair.

  17. I have a long hair cat and a long hair dog and a bird with lots of feathers this
    would be wonderful for my house. Love the new technology

  18. Well this is fantastic and life changing technology! Every time after i get done vacuuming i have to flip the vaccuum over, get some Small tiny Scissors and cut all the tangled hair, and pull it off the roller brush. It is time consuming and the hair that comes off of it is piles. It has been like this for as long as i can remember. So i am so excited about this self-cleaning brushroll. Pretty amazing and just made my day reading this. Now i can stop wasting time do this all the time! YAY!!

  19. my vacuum is really messed up because of my mom’s and four sister’s hair everywhere.

  20. this is a really good idea for people who have VERY long hair (like me!) as it takes for-ev-er at times to get the hair out of the vacuum

  21. I don’t know who sheds more – me or my dogs. Either way, I could definitely use this in my life!

  22. I love that self-cleaning brush roll. I hate it when all that hair gets stuck on the brush. This vacuum makes this problem a thing of the past.

  23. That’s awesome! As someone with waist-length hair for most of my adult life, I understand the struggle to find a vacuum capable of 1.) picking it up and 2.) surviving the ordeal time after time. This looks like a good solution!

  24. What a cool idea. Now if they could make the vacuum be complete silent, that would be amazing! Things are too darn noisy these days.

  25. I am excited about a self cleaning roller and the total suction, as long hair is in fashion at my home too!

  26. i think its awesome and long over due… thats one problem i have when vaccuming is getting hair stuck and then i have to cut it off the bar of the vacuum ..

  27. How wonderful! I have long hair and getting it out of the vacuum beater bar is a pain in the behind.

  28. With 2 long haired ladies (my daughter and me) and one crazy shedding dog this seems like manna from heaven.

  29. I think this is totally awesome! I can’t even.. no, I don’t even want to.. count the hours I’ve spent sitting on the floor with the vacuum upside down in my lap cutting and pulling and fighting to get wound up hair out of it. What a timesaver!!

  30. This is awesome! We’re a family of long haired people (lol), so this would simply be amazing to have. Thanks for the chance!

  31. It would be nice not to have to tear the vacuum apart to get all the hair out of the roller.

  32. I absolutely love the cord retraction. I wish everything with a cord had this. I sure would trip less.

  33. WOW Awesome my sweeper always smells like it is burning up because the tangled mess keeps the brush from spinning this would be the best…

  34. I’ve had hair to my waist and shorter hair and it all tangles but with this vacuum it will be nice not to have to clean the roller.

  35. Oh my! YES, how often I sit on the floor, with the scissors, cutting away all the hair and string??????? Threads??? Where does this stuff COME FROM? Yes, I sit and cut it all away from the vacuum brush. to not have to do that anymore would be most welcome.

  36. My house is always in disarray. I have been looking for a new solution to clean my floors. This is fantastic!

  37. This technology is really great! We are still using a vacuum with a bag, and hairs rollups are a problem.

  38. I have the same problem with my long locks and 2 long haired dogs, my husband wished he had hair. but this is awesome and amazing and can’t wait to get one. thanks for the great review.

  39. I think all the features are great I could use this vacuum I have enough dog hair laying around to make a sweater

  40. I think this is awesome, we have problems with tangled hair in our vacuum all the time. Would love to try this vacuum.

  41. This is awesome! There are 3 of us girls here with very long hair and I have the exact same problems. This would be great to win!

  42. This is SO great! i have long hair and every vacuum cleaner I’ve ever had has been SO hard to get the hair off the bar! I also like the automatic cord return feature.Thank you for sharing this, I hope I win, but if not I know that the Eureka Brushroll Clean™ with SuctionSeal® is available at my local Walmart!

  43. I have two daughters with long auburn hair – so distinctive wrapped around the vacuum roller. I need this!!!

  44. This looks like a really good vacuum cleaner, We have dealt with long hair getting tangled in the vacuum.

  45. I can’t believe it took until now to invent a self cleaning vacuum. What a great idea!

  46. Oh my gosh I have been waiting for a vacuum like this forever, I hate cleaning the rollers, this is the best idea ever.

  47. I cut off half my hair, tired of it being tangly! So much for pregnancy being good to your looks 😉

  48. I need one of these SO bad! With myself and two girls in the house, every time I clean, I spend half my time trying to dig hair out of the vacuum cleaner.

  49. This could be the answer to a prayer! I would love to zip around the house with that! I have a LOT of carpet!

  50. I like the concept because I can never get my vacuum cleaner to suck up the hair left on the ground.

  51. Tell us what you think about this awesome new technology!

    all i can say is i need one bad..hel me out

  52. Holy Bajeebus. With three daughters and the lady, this would be a lifesaver! I literally have to take our current Eureka apart every other week to pull the hair out!

  53. My husband ,daughter and myself have hair to our rear ends.The hair drives me crazy on the vaccum roller.I flip the vaccumm over and cut the hair off with a razorblade.

  54. Wonderful technology. My home could use this to help clean my floors, between my longer hair and the 2 dogs. It is a vacuum’s nightmare.

  55. i don’t know who sheds more, me or the cat. My boyfriend is bald, so we can’t blame him. This would be a great tool for us!

  56. The Self-cleaning brushroll and the SuctinSeal both sound great. Would love to have this vacuum.

  57. I like the self cleaning brushroll because there is always something being caught it the vacuum brush

  58. I think this is an absolutely awesome vaccum I know I lose my hair in handfuls by the minute and we have 3 cats 2 pit bulls and a block head rot, we have hair all over the place so our vacuums usually do not last us very long, so this is the best thing since chocolate milk.

  59. I think it’s awesome!! Having to get my own hair out of the drain and from the vac brush bar gives me the willies. I would love to have this!

  60. I Love the Self Cleaning brushroll!!! I cant count how many times i have had to clean mine and soon after its all tangled up again!!! What a great vacuum!

  61. I’m not sure if this is normal or just plain sad, but I get REALLY excited about great new cleaning and home products! Almost all vacuums seem like they work great at first and then eventually start to suck (and NOT in the way they’re supposed to!) This seems like a great product and I would be SO stoked to win! Technology just keeps getting better & better.

  62. I love new technology, especially when it makes cleaning and daily chores easier. My household only has 2 long-haired gals, but I feel your pain for all the extra drain and brush cleaning. #client

  63. Brilliant! I am a disabled senior with a balance disorder and vacuuming in general is a issue but bending over to clean out the roller is almost impossible. I have long hair so it’s always a tangled mess in the roller. This would be fantastic!

  64. I like the self-cleaning brush roller. Cleaning the roller is one of the worst jobs about maintaining a vacuum cleaner and this would make it much easier.

  65. This looks amazing! My husband would appreciate this – too much long hair in our house too!

  66. I love the self cleaning roller. I wish I had been able to get something like this years ago. I have long hair and have always had a problem with it ending up in my vacuum. LOVE!

  67. I really like the self-cleaning brush, that’s usually the biggest issue when it comes to the vacuum not picking up properly.

  68. amazing!!! would love to test it out, Ive tried a lot of vacumns..high end and very cheap, with 6 animals at home i go through them very quick.

  69. 3 Girls with long hair, 2 Golden Retrievers that shed like crazy plus a family of 6. This sounds amazing!!

  70. Over the years we have, or I HAVE, picked and cut pet hairs from roller or brsistles..this sounds GREAT.

  71. Oh. This is a feature – to cut the hair from vacuums – that I’ve been looking for! Very cool and I hope I get one of these.

  72. I have super long and thick hair and I shed worse than a animal so this would be awesome!

  73. I just want to say….I really could use this!!! Thanks for the chance…and Happy Mothers Day!!!

  74. I thin that it is great. i have pets and I have had to take hair that is stuck around the brush many times. I can never get it all off by hand and this would be GREAT.

  75. This is so cool. I would love the spool cleaner(a project on my to do list) and rewinding the cord is such an annoyance.

  76. I think it looks interesting. Im a fan of try before you buy because I have been let down by vacuums before. I will say the self winding cord looks awesome!

  77. Sitting on the floor cutting hair out of the vacuum. Hate it but someone’s gotta do it! Would love to not even worry about it anymore

  78. I would love to have a chance to try it ! I think finally something powerful that really does a great job, has come out. I have been using different type of vacuum and none have reached my hope, having many pets and long haired dogs.

  79. A woman finally made a machine. There is no way a male engineer made this product, it will be very helpful.

  80. Pretty awesome! I absolutely HATE touching the tangle of hair on the vacuum brush, so yeah, I’m loving this…

  81. Wonderful! There are two of us with long hair here, and I would so love to give up cutting the hair from the roller!

  82. Would love to try this with my long hair. I hate having to cut the hair from around the roller!

  83. A self-cleaning brushroll??? LOVE IT! Along with hair, I’ve had a few other items get wrapped around the roller. You know, the fringe on the ends of some throw rugs.. I’ve done it. Fantastic feature!

  84. Very cool…I love that it’s silent I have a long, long, longggg haired daughter at home and this sounds perfect! Thanks for the chance to win!

  85. WOW!!!! If it can do all this for humans; Im super excited about what a difference it will make with a shedding long haired dog! 🙂

  86. Desperate to have this!!! Between our 2 Dogs non-stop shedding, my daughters long hair everywhere & then I shed like a dog does too!! It’s crazy in my house, I can’t even keep up!!!!!

  87. this is what i need! it makes me so crazy to have to stop the vac, flip it over, get down on the ground, and make it work again! it makes vacuuming even a smallish space mighty annoying.

  88. I’m currently using a slightly older Eureka that is very hard to clog. I expect the latest model is even better and the cleaning feature must make near unstoppable.

  89. I have hair down to my waist so there is always lots of hair that gets picked up by our vacuum. This is much needed!

  90. I love the new technology because I’m always grossed out when it comes to cleaning the brush.

  91. Long hair has not only ruined many a vacuum for me, but also deeply clogged many a drainpipe. I feel your pain. Now, if they could only put garbage disposals in tub drains!

  92. Awesome technology and I really need a new vacuum. My vacuum has totally lost its suction and does not pick up the everyday messes.

  93. Wow, I did not know this existed! Me and my two daughters plus two dogs equals me sitting with the vacuum every week with a pair of scissors and pliers getting the hair off the roller. This is amazing!

  94. Seven people, five of us girls, most of us with long hair (my toddlers hair hasn’t grown enough yet) plus 8 cats = A LOT of hair!! So yes, I have to clean up hair (ewww) out of the bottom of the vacuum way too much

  95. This is an amazing vacuum. I have pets and long hair with wood floors and carpet. Cant control it at all.

  96. My Dyson doesn’t get hairy like most vacuums, and I don’t know why. I went to clean the roller thinking it was full of my hair and there was nothing! I like!

  97. I clean houses, and I have two dogs who shed. This is the perfect vacuum for me! Thank you for the giveaway

  98. My hair is very long and my current vacuum stops working since my shedding hairs get all wrapped around it just like the picture shows. I have to flip it upside down and cut the hairs out. It’s disgusting! This vacuum would prevent me from having to do that, and I love that!

  99. This is such a genius idea. I’ve had hair clogging up vacuums, drains, and chair wheels since the beginning of time. Now I have a cat and a daughter and the problem has only gotten worse. I would love to try this vacuum.

  100. With long hair and 7 granddaughters with long hair I could use it. No more cutting hair off roller.

  101. 3 females in the house with long hair, this would be great not to fight the sweeper every week with clogged hair!

  102. I appreciate the advancement of technology to go the extra mile and helping make cleaning quicker, and better. Love the retractable cord, usually I give up on making it nice. Saves me from having to dismantle the brush head since it’s self-cleaning.

  103. So cool!! would make my life soooo much easier right now because between 2 jobs, planning a wedding and playing softball time is very hard to come by so I’m a big fan!! 🙂

  104. It’s about time they came up with this invention! Over the years my long hair has burnt out many vacuum motors! It’s awesome that the roller has a hair cutter! Wow, I’m so excited about this vacuum. I’m going to buy one for my mother, hopefully I’ll win mine! Thank you for the opportunity to win this fantastic vacuum and thanks to Eureka for coming out with it. Oh, I must also thank Walmart for selling it at a reasonable price.

  105. This Eureka vacuum sweeper is exactly what I need. My hair gets tangled in other brands of vacuum sweepers, and cause the roller brushes, and the belts break. This feature of Eureka is a miracle.

  106. I have really long hair and we also have a cat, so the rollers on our vacuum are covered in hair. So the vacuum doesn’t pick everything up.

  107. This is Fabulous! My daughter and I both have long hair and the vacuum get clogged constantly

  108. I think this technology is great and I am all for anything that will make my life easier. The Eureka Brushroll Clean with SuctionSeal would be great to use to get a deep clean especially on the carpet and the auto brushroll clean is a great time saver for those times when the brushroll is all clogged up with hair. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  109. This looks amazing!!! We have two dogs and I have very long hair. This vacuum looks like the answer to our prayers.

  110. I need a new vac. Mine blew up. Plus it would be nice to have a nice one for a change. I buy crappy cheap ones that do not last.

  111. I was a professional housecleaner and have bought a lot of vacuums. I am very very curious to try this vaccuum. We have 11 cats and 3 girls with long hair. Come on Eureka! impress me!

  112. Amazing technology we can use this in my house, my mom and I have long hair and it goes everywhere. Thanks for the chance.

  113. I love this. This is so much nicer that any vacuum i have ever owned. I love the sleek look of it and this would be great with my long haired pets.

  114. Thank You for the giveaway… we like the brushroll clean pedal cleaning feature & the cord spool of this new Eureka !

  115. I clean houses for a living & can always use a great vacuum as so many people have very old or lousy ones in fact I just had to tell someone yesterday that they needed a new one. And this morning this lady’s vacuum was falling apart but thankfully I got it put back together before she got home. smile emoticon #CleaningUntangled Trust me when I find a product I like I spread the word cause there is nothing better than a product that makes the job easier & more fun to do 🙂

  116. my hair is about 3 feet long. my daughter has long hair as well plus we have pets so I think this is awesome

  117. Thank you, Eureka, for solving this dirty, frustrating and time consuming problem. My method has always been to use a small pair of scissor to cut the mess out of the vacuum brush.

  118. I have a family of five, counting myself there is three girls with long hair and we have a dog as well that gets hair every where. I’ve always had to use scissors to cut the hair out of my vacuum, it takes a long time to get it done so this would be amazing to have!

  119. I have long hair in between cutting it off and donating it and I know all too well the blocked drains.

  120. Thx for a wonderful vacuum! I need help cleaning out the hair and I love the rewinding cord. I hate the cord always being in the way so that’s a real plus to me. Love it!

  121. I love when there are new technology break threws for cleaning the house. It makes my household chores easier.

  122. There are 3 girls in our house and we all have hair that sheds! We could definitely use this vacuum!

  123. Seriously amazing! I didn’t know a technology like this even existed! I need this in my life!

  124. We love it! Have always had a “hair” problem too around our place–it always seems to be everywhere!

  125. My hair is falling out a lot lately and I waste so much time always trying to cut my hair out of the vacuum to get to work properly. This technology is AMAZING!!!!!!

  126. My vacuum always has sewing threads wrapped around the rollers. I think this Eureka would work just as well for them as for hair. I love that auto rewind for the cord!

  127. Oh my gosh, what’s NOT to like about this! We have 2 cats and hair everywhere…and I love the retractable cord, I keep having to hang onto ours when I vacuum and it’s a pain in the duppa!

  128. I want this vacuum! I love the technology and know it would be better than my 10+ year old canister vacuum.

  129. Thank you for the giveaway. I love the new technology! Between my cats, daughter, and myself, the hair is always a problem. Same with the dust bunnies and such since we live in the country. The house never seems to be clean enough! Dusting and sweeping has been such a chore. It has to be done daily.

  130. OH MY GOODNESS! This is exactly what I need! I can’t believe there is such a thing, and then I can’t believe it took this long to make it! And I can’t believe it’s only at Walmart. Everywhere in the world these should be available. I’ve killed a quite a few vacuums with our long hair. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  131. I love the new technology. I’ve got really long hair, past my waist – and 6 cats. My house IS a hairball (sigh).

  132. his is fabulous! why didn’t anyone figure this out before? There is hair everywhere in my house and this would be a wonderful vacuum to have!

  133. I desperately need this because my hair is coming out like crazy. I get hair on the bathroom floor, the shower, all over the house. This would be fantastic!

  134. I spend so much time trying to cut the hair that is wrapped around the roller. This would be awesome!

  135. I am so needing this I have a siberian husky can you say shed it is so crazy how much fur is just everywhere

  136. The self-cleaning brush roll would be a huge convenience — it’s amazing how high-tech vacuums are getting these days, and this one has tons of bells and whistles!

  137. With 2 dogs, this outstanding vacuum will actually pick up their hair. I’ve never been so excited over a vacuum cleaner.

  138. I love the idea of the self cleaning roller – pet hair is bad to clean also – so this would be great.

  139. looksg like a great thing! both my daughter and I have long hair, and so does the dog, oh, and 2 of the cats

  140. We have lots of people hair and animal fur around here so I think this is a great idea, this would have been so handy to have all these years.

  141. I really think this will save my marriage!! My hair has destroyed two vacuums already. My husband gets so frustrated because my hair is everywhere!! Our poor infant son crawls around on the ground and ends up with my hair all over him. I try so hard to keep it clean but nothing can pick it all up! It’s beyond maddening!! I am so excited to try this!! I am crossing all of my fingers and toes!!! Thanks so much for the opportunity!!

  142. Would love to have this vacuum with kids and a dog hair always get stuck in the vacuum wheel and I have to cut it off the wheel with scissors. So winning this would be a dream come true for my family.

  143. Oh lord, I could have used a vacuum like that when had long hair and lived in an RV. What a mess! and always had to take it outside to clean it.

  144. Eureka vacuum cleaners are great! I have one and it is working perfectly fine :). We are three girls at home and a dog, so having the new brushroll Eureka is not such a bad idea! The battle with the hairs is never-ending! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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