Do You Dare(Devil) Miss This Show?

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Those of us who are Marvel superfans have been anxiously awaiting the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron. From watching all the prior movies to shopping for Avenger snacks and clothes then catching up on episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., we’re ready. However, only those with a subscription to Netflix can be fully immersed in the universe. Why? Because a few weeks ago the Daredevil series released on Netflix. And ONLY on Netflix.

Marvel's Daredevil is only available on Netflix. -

Let me tell you, it’s been quite a jaw-dropper. Generally, we watch everything Marvel and superhero as a family.

Generally. Not this time.

As much as I want to let the girls watch everything Marvel with us, Daredevil is one that Scott and I will be watching without them. The story is great but it’s rated MA and that’s just not okay for our tween girls. While Daredevil references the Avengers events, it isn’t major so they aren’t missing out on anything from the story line.

Matt Murdock is Marvel's Daredevil. -

When I think of superheroes, my first thoughts are of people who were born with powers then learn to utilize them. They hail from another world and come to our planet (hello Thor). When I stop and really start to evaluate the superhero world and the characters in it, most are just normal people who have taken on superhero characteristics as a result of science,  technology or nature. Captain America, Iron Man and Hulk are just a few examples. Some become superheroes because of some freak accident. That’s the category where Daredevil lands.

Marvel's Daredevil is only available on Netflix. -

Born as a normal kid, Matt Murdock lost his vision at a young age when chemicals from a truck splashed in his eyes a truck following an accident on a city street. Over time, his other senses grew stronger to compensate for his loss of sight. His hearing is so good he can sense heartbeats as well as hear far distant sounds. His sense of smell allows him to detect people from great distances as well. Bad guys should rethink their interest in strong cologne if they want to avoid this guy. The sense of touch and feeling gives him the ability to sense if someone is near because he feels the body heat as well as changes in the airflow. He’s ridiculously quick and skilled in combat so he is able to battle many people at a time. Daredevil’s “powers” make him a force to be reckoned with… even though he is blind.

Matt Murdock, Defense Attorney -

He’s a vigilante when he needs to be, but his real job is that of an attorney. Partners with a longtime friend, as defense attorneys they walk a fine line between saving the innocently accused and finding justice both inside and outside the courtroom for the rest.

He may have some awesome skills but Daredevil is not immune to injury. -

The show will keep you on the edge of your seats. The story is compelling, the characters are charismatic and the fight scenes are pretty intense. Yet, despite his superhero characteristics, he isn’t invincible. He’s just a man… and a blind one at that. Each episode we are faced with the reality that the good guy doesn’t always win in the fight. That’s what makes Daredevil interesting!

If you are a Marvel fan then you’ll certainly want to add this one to your watch list. If you don’t have Netflix yet, sign up for it. Aside from watching Marvel’s Daredevil, there are plenty of other awesome shows and movies!

What is your favorite Netflix exclusive?

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22 thoughts on “Do You Dare(Devil) Miss This Show?

  1. I don’t have netflix so I can’t actually answer the question. This is a great review. I do enjoy anything having to do with superheroes and I developed a mad crush on Michael Keaton when he played Batman. It seems to me that making a superhero movie that kids can’t see is just unfair because kids love superheroes. I would give a big boo hiss to netflix about that one.

  2. Hi Nicole – I didn’t know this was up now – we’ve been waiting to see this – and your post just makes it that much more interesting! Thank you 🙂

  3. I’ve tried to watch the first episode several times. Usually I’m watching it while up with my youngest son and I just can’t focus on it that early. From the bits and pieces I’ve seen it’s pretty good.

  4. I heard it was pretty bad. Hubby went to turn it on the other night and I told him he couldn’t with the kids awake. Bummer too, because the movie isn’t bad.

  5. Marvel does make some great movies. I bet this is out on FIOS. My husband would like it. Perhaps it’s a movie for us to watch when our son goes to bed!!

  6. We don’t have Netflix! This isn’t the only show I am missing because I don’t have this service!
    We do love Superhero movies! They give our children great things to imitate and heroes/role models they want to grow up and be like! I think this is a good thing!

  7. My husband has watched a lot of this show, and he has watched Deadpool. 😀 He agrees that neither one is appropriate for children.

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