While in New York for the BlogHer conference, I had the opportunity to get a sneak preview of the Hallmark Holiday collection. I’ve ranted about a lot of it ever since and I’m certain many people are tired of me blathering on about it. Hallmark was a huge player in our holiday list this year.

From the latest greeting cards to the books, animals, ornaments and watches, Hallmark has it all. They displayed a beautiful assortment of craft ideas to upcycle old holiday cards as well as a multitude of ideas to help prepare for the holidays. Creating festive wreaths, place mats and chandelier decorations.

Anyone that knows us know that the highlight was the collection of Jingle… and Bell… huskies. I sent a photo via text to Miss M. She used an app on the iPad, edited my photo and shipped it back to me. Here’s the before and after.

You’ll see that she even spotted the Jingle ornament that was sitting off to the side. We have been reminded quite frequently that all these items are on her wish list for Christmas this year. We even recorded the Jingle holiday specials that were on the Hallmark Channel! Just wait until she finds out there’s even iPad apps for all the various Hallmark characters, including Jingle. Jingle, Jingle, Jingle.

Miss M had no problem putting together her wish list. But Miss K (my 8 year old going on 16) had a bit more difficult list. She thinks she needs her own phone so she can text. It was on the top of her list.

Let me think about that for a minute. Ummm. No.

We have a solution for now. We armed her with own Text Band where she can swap text messages with anyone else with a band. With a simple fist bump, the messages transfer between the two. I’m hoping some of her friends get these for Christmas so her need for a phone will be somewhat diminished.

Hear that parents of our friends? Save us the cost of a phone for a bit longer. Text Bands. From Hallmark. They come in different colors and styles!

Until We Hug Again: Having lived away from home for many years, I can speak to how lonely it can feel. Being away from family is difficult anyhow but during the holidays, it’s especially emotionally draining. There has never been a time in our married life that we’ve lived in the same area as our parents because DH’s family lives in an entirely different state than mine. When we lived in California, it was heart-wrenching leaving family after visiting during the holidays and just as difficult watching them leave our home during other times of the year.  I felt this “Until We Hug Again” would be perfect for my friend to send to her far-away grandson. She’ll be able to record a message for him to hear. He’s too young to really appreciate it right now, but speaking as someone who lived far away from family, I guarantee his mom will shed a few tears and hug that bear a lot.

So whether you’re at the mall, at a Hallmark store, Walmart, a discount store like CVS, you’re sure to find some of these fantastic Hallmark gifts to fill your child’s wish list.

– Or for your wish list.

For more information on Hallmark products, visit the Hallmark website or catch up with them on your social media platforms of choice: Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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