That Vudu That You Do So Well

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There are only a few movies that I have on my short list of all-time favorites.  On that list is the Men in Black series.  This is a series that I not only see in the theater, but have to own my own copy.  Well, I just found out that the pre-order is live and I can watch a copy two weeks before the DVD is released!

I ran out to Walmart to purchase their exclusive pre-order copy which includes a digital stream via Vudu two full weeks ahead of the release.  They also mail you the DVD copy FOR FREE!

If you’re interested in learning about my shopping experience, you can check out my slideshow!

Once I got it home, it was time to get everything ready for the pre-release streaming!  I have never used Vudu, so I need to completely set it up from scratch.

Looks like they’re running another promotion for a free movie when I sign up!  Free?  I’ll take it!

Ok, so the free ones aren’t new releases…beggars can’t be choosers!

Even though I watch this every time it is on TV, having a copy to watch on-demand will be nice.

Account all set up – now off to set up my XBox360.

Never fails, when you want to do something on the XBox, there’s always some type of update…

Better.  Now let’s find the Vudu app.

Thank goodness their name is short!

Ok, let’s do this!

&*$^&#*  Grrrr….

I guess it’s only $1 (on promotion), but free apps should be FREE!  (talking to you Microsoft…)


Here we go!

Well, as it turns out, you can’t enter the codes via the XBox interface, so back to the computer

Let’s get the code off the ‘disc’…

and enter it online.

Fill out our mailing address for the actual DVD.

And done!

Ooh, and a nice little bonus I can watch now!  An 11-minute show about MIB3 special effects!

I originally found out about the DVD release from their Facebook page. They’re pretty active there, so check them out!  And to get yourself excited about the release – here’s a preview!

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