When Miss M was just a baby, I tried to find educational opportunities wherever possible. For example, if I needed to use the microwave, I would get the food or drink ready, place it in the microwave then go find Miss M before starting it. I would hold her tiny little fingers in mine and help her press the buttons. “Okay, we need 30 seconds so three, zero, start.” She didn’t have a clue what I was talking about at the time but I continued the task anyhow.

As she got older, we recognized that numbers are a strength for her. Granted, DH and I are both numbers people, but I think the emphasis on learning numbers and time when she was so young certainly didn’t hurt.

A few years ago for Christmas, we purchased digital watches for Miss M off of Amazon. Miss K was much too young and small for them. When they arrived, we were disappointed to see that there was no way Miss M would be able to use them because the bands were too big and they weren’t adjustable. She tried to use them but it was pretty much a waste. They were inexpensive (like 5 for $6 or something) so she mostly just used them as dress-up around the house.

So I swore off watches for the kids until they’re much older.

At least that’s what I thought… They’re both very interested in watches and learning to tell time. Miss K (Kindergarten) is reading digital clocks very well while Miss M (1st grade) has analog completely figured out – including how many minutes left in the hour. When my contact with The Children’s Place sent out some promotional materials that included pictures of watches to accessorize their adorable outfits, I inquired. My daughters are small and I didn’t want to request to review an item that might not fit them. She said they size down pretty small so I thought we could take the chance. After all, they are so cute!

When the watches arrived, the girls independently selected which one they preferred and it was great that their favorite wasn’t the same. Both of them loved their fancy new watches and couldn’t wait to try them on.

But, of course, they were too big. DH took on the responsibility of resizing them down to their smallest size. The bands are a solid link-style band with a flap-over latch, as opposed to the belt-notch type band. He made the process look pretty easy but we were left with a small problem. The watches were still too big for both of the girls. Miss K didn’t care though. She slid the watch up her arm until she found a location that it fit comfortably. She pulled out her glass-is-half-full attitude and said “That’s okay. I’ll wear it up here and I can see it better.” She’s right, it is closer to her eyes but it’s winter so wearing it outside her long sleeves might be her best solution right now.

Miss M gladly wore her new watch also and I was amazed at how much she took an interest in finding opportunities to read it. When she was taking turns with turns with Miss K on something, she said “Okay, you have TWO minutes left.” It heightens the control-freak in her, but at least she’s learning to accurately tell time!

Miss K, on the other hand, sees it as a fashion statement. An accessory regardless of its primary purpose of being a way to tell time. Regardless of the way she uses it now, it will be readily available when she begins to find an interest in figuring out what time it is. Or more likely, making sure her sister doesn’t gyp her out of anything when her sister gives the two minute warning.

Relating to the style – Over the years, I have become accustomed to this type of band and love it. If for some reason it comes unlatched, it has to slide past your hand before you lose it. On more than one occasion, mine has landed in my hand before hitting the ground When I look at how active my kids are, this limits the likelihood the watch will be lost while playing. However, that same benefit is the biggest detriment for these watches for our family. My girls are 1st grade and kindergarten and are both very small for their ages. As you can see from the picture of the yellow watch, when at its smallest setting, the clasp overhangs the wrist. Even at the smallest setting, I can wear these watches, albeit a little tight.

Honestly, these are adorable watches with a variety of styles for both boys and girls. They’re just not for petite children. Actually, on a recent trip through a major department store, I saw an entire section dedicated to clothing for plus-sized kids so maybe my kids are just the exception.

Would I buy one of these watches for my daughters? Not right now because obviously they wouldn’t fit. Would I consider buying one or recommending one for an older child or a child who has larger wrists? Absolutely. They’re totally cute. However, I would recommend that if you plan to do so, you stop in at one of The Children’s Place brick and mortar locations to make sure that it’s actually going to fit.

If you are not familiar with The Children’s Place, I encourage you to check out their website. While I enjoy their casual clothing lines, I love seeing all the beautiful dresses they have around major holidays. (Psst. Easter dress anyone?) If you are familiar, did you realize they have watches?!

You can also stop by The Children’s Place Facebook Fan Page where they’re giving away The Children’s Place gift cards and Johnson’s products in their Spring Giveaway.

Although these watches didn’t fit right now, watches aren’t something you outgrow. I have watches that I’ve had since I was in high school. Since they’re built well, I know they can wear them for years to come.

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