Winner – Exederm and Walmart Gift Card

Did I win, did I win? Exederm Skin Care? $50 Walmart Gift Card? The suspense is killing me!Well, if your name is “Judy” or “Fun times with the Larsen’s” then was shining on Judy, Comment #24, in the Exederm Skin Care giveaway. And for the $50 Walmart Gift Card, Comment #129 “Fun times with the Larsen’s” was the winner. If they decide not to claim their prizes, I’ll move on to the alternate… but seriously, why WOULDN’T they claim their prizes.
It’s always cool to be able to work with wonderful companies and networks. Thanks to Exederm and Family Review Network for providing the products for review and giveaway in the Exederm post. Thanks also to Walmart and Mom Central for providing gift cards for the Super Bowl review and giveaway!
If didn’t pull your number this time, there are always more opportunities! Check out Mel’s review of “A Black Tie Affair” where we’re giving away a copy of the book to five readers.

…And there’s always more to come!

Update March 1, 2010: Wow. Couldn’t believe the Walmart winner didn’t claim their prize. Per the rules, I moved to the alternate comment… which didn’t meet the requirements of a valid entry. So I headed back to for another winner. #226 came up as the new winner. So congrats to coriwestphal!

6 thoughts on “Winner – Exederm and Walmart Gift Card

  1. So…Nicole, how does a person not meet the requirements? I am kind of new at this and wonder if I'm doing something wrong sometimes. I finally learned how to tweet after 4 months of this! THANKFULLY a blogger explained this on her blog. Can you tell people what they might be doing wrong when they do something that will disqualify them?
    thanks much!

  2. That's an excellent question, Eileen.

    Every blog is different, but for SahmReviews, I try to keep it as easy as possible. Seldom does someone NOT meet the requirements but it does happen. For example, a valid entry requires following SahmReviews on Twitter AND tweeting the contest, providing the link to the tweet so I can verify. (For those who don't know how to get the

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