New Game Release – 10 Days in the USA

10 Days in the USA

The Op has released 10 Days in the USA, a reprint of 2003’s groundbreaking title, into retail this month.

You have 10 Days in the USA. Travel the country by jet, car, and on foot. Plan your trip from start to finish using destination and transportation tiles. With a little luck and clever planning, you just might outwit your fellow travelers.

There are 50 state tiles, 10 colored airplane tiles, and 6 car tiles. Players all flip tiles one at a time, examine them, and put them in the 10 “days” of their tile tray, in any order. Then in turn, they draw a tile from one of three face-up piles or a face-down pile. The new tile may replace one tile in their tray, with that tile (or the unused drawn tile) discarded onto any of the face-up piles. Alternatively, players may swap any two tiles in their tray. When a player has all their days connected correctly, they win the game.

10 Days in the USA is for two to four players, ages eight and up, and plays in around thirty minutes. It retails for only $29.99!

The Op also previously released Hues and Cues (see “Hues and Cues“).  

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