Fun, Educational, and Durable: WerkShoppe Puzzle Snax

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My family loves being in the fresh air, enjoying a variety of outdoor games and activities. Yet, there are some days that we are stuck inside a car for a long drive. Other days the weather can force us to find things to do inside our home. Needless to say, we are always on the lookout for screen-free, educational entertainment for either inside a car or our home. Jigsaw puzzles are one of the things that I like my kids to do. That’s because of studies like one at Baylor Medical School that show jigsaw puzzles improve cognition and visual-spatial reasoning. Recently, jigsaw puzzles have only been something we could do in the home for fear of the puzzle cardboard container being ruined.

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We checked out the WerkShoppe Puzzle Snax and a world of opportunities opened up. The container is a zip bag with the picture of the puzzle on the bag. The cardboard box could get ruined while the kids are assembling it and that means one less thing to worry about. The container’s durability makes the Puzzle Snax travel-friendly and is easy and fun for kids to do on a lap desk. My kids were able to rip the top off and easily get into putting the puzzle together. 

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As a parent, I immediately really liked the puzzle’s container. I looked at the zip-top bag and thought, “This is how kid puzzle pieces should have always been stored!”

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Both of the Puzzle Snax my kids made were so cute! The colors were very appealing to the eye. My daughter put together the WerkShoppe Velvet Heart Puzzle with 100 pieces. She really liked all the bright colors and that there was a bit of a challenge to it with some of the colors repeating. She felt skillful upon completing it. My son put together the 48-piece Outer Space Puzzle featuring an astronaut and rocket. It was the right challenge for him, as he also felt accomplished after doing it. 

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My children loved doing the Puzzle Snax so much that it got them into a “puzzle kick”, continually doing the WerkShoppe puzzles over and over. It even made the kids excited to do some of their older puzzles. When we were home, my two children sat uninterrupted and quiet for hours doing puzzles for multiple days. I call that a huge win! 

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If you are like me and always on the lookout for something that is fun, educational, and durable, then check out the WerkShoppe storefront on Amazon. You can also visit their website directly to check out their assortment of Puzzle Snax and other products. Maybe your child will love them as much as mine do.

What are your favorite screen-free activities for kids?

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