Celebrating Freedom on Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July from SahmReviews.com!

Today is an important day. It’s a day worth celebrating in some way, regardless of how you plan to spend your day. No matter what you decide, I hope it involves hanging up a flag and celebrating the blessings of living in the United State of America. I hope it includes joining together with family and friends to enjoy a barbecue or play games. I hope you attend a parade and soak in the sea of red, white and blue. I hope you light sparklers with the kids and attend a fireworks display.

Do these things because you can.

Political disagreements may be dividing our country, but we have the freedom to do these things. Two years ago at this time, the world was in quarantine. Last year we saw glimpses of normalcy and this year we are even closer. There will still be masks for some, but that’s okay. At least we have the option to do these things.

As you celebrate Independence Day, remember to put safety first. Find a designated driver if need be and use caution when around fireworks. We’re offline today making the most of our day too. We’ll be back later this week with more games and other entertainment suggestions for all of you!

Have a safe an happy 4th of July!