Holiday Giveaways 2019 – Root Beer Float Challenge by Playtacular

Holiday Giveaways 2019 – Root Beer Float Challenge by Playtacular


In case you don’t recall our article about gourmet root beer, I kind of have a love for it. There’s a place in a nearby town that’s like a bar but it serves multiple types of root beer on-tap! We haven’t made it there yet, but it’s on my bucket list because ROOT BEER.

Naturally, a game about root beer was sure to find a spot in one of our gift guides. Hopefully you spotted Root Beer Float Challenge from Playtacular when we included in it our list of party games earlier this week. If not, go check out the article then come back here and enter to win a copy of the game for yourself!

Holiday Giveaway 2019 – Root Beer Float Challenge Game


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12 comments on «Holiday Giveaways 2019 – Root Beer Float Challenge by Playtacular»


    Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer (it’s actually Beer) lol.

  2. Michael Shea says:


  3. Maggie says:

    I’m honestly not a big fan of root beer, but the game looks fun!

  4. Eric Shearer says:

    A&W is the only brand of root beer.

  5. Donald Wayman says:


  6. Jessica Peeling says:

    I love our local Stewarts brand!

  7. Travis P. says:

    I don’t like root beer. This time of year it’s egg nog for me.

  8. Gun Coaty says:


  9. EMMA L HORTON says:


  10. Marissa M says:

    We like MUG Root Beer!

  11. kathy pease says:

    I like A&W root beer the best

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