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The title and theme of this game lead you to believe it’s pretty violent, but don’t let it throw you. Unless you are out of control when you roll your dice, these battles could be family-friendly. Button Men: Beat People Up is a dice game from Cheapass Games where you’re battling to steal your opponent’s dice.

Oh, and did I mention this game made our holiday list of dice games?! If you have the courage to join this fight, enter to win a copy of the game! Come back daily to increase your endurance number of entries!

Mega Giveaway 2018 – Button Men: Beat People Up Game

17 thoughts on “Button Men: Beat People Up Game Giveaway

  1. I would say components are more important in an average game, but for a game to be truly quality it needs to have both.

  2. Both of these facts make the game!
    I have to go with the components.
    You can always change the theme if you have components to work with

  3. Tough question, but since I must choose, I’d say the components are the most important. You can always adjust, add or subtract rules to come up with a theme that works.

  4. Theme is always the most important, because a bad theme can kill a game. Components are second to me, however they are a strong second, beautiful components make a game more fun to play.

  5. Theme is more important than components, but mechanics are the most important to me. I do love good components though.

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