Mega Giveaway Day 13 – I Can’t Even With These Monsters Game

It’s official, the kids are growing up. In advance of Halloween, Kennedy asked if she could go to the local haunted houses with her friends. She’s not had any interest in anything scary since watching World War Z. However, board games have never bothered her no matter what the theme. It sure helps when they’re fun! A “scary” card game, I Can’t Even With These Monsters from Level 99 Games, is our Day 13 prize.

You may have spotted it in our Gift Guide for Card Games last Friday along with several other excellent gift ideas. Why fill the stockings with candy when you can fill them with games?! Check out our various gift guides then enter to win a copy. Will we see you back tomorrow for more entries?

150+ Days of Giveaways – Day 13 – I Can’t Even Game

44 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 13 – I Can’t Even With These Monsters Game

  1. i am thinking my favorite would be zombies, slow and decaying. They would be a stinky mess, but would “die” out pretty quickly.

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