When we started this year’s holiday gift guides, we decided that a list of family games was a logical place to begin. We continue to encourage people to find a place for games in their schedule. Whether as part of family night or time out with friends or a meetup with a game group doesn’t matter. We think people should find time to play. One of the games we included on that list was Kaiju Crush from Fireside Games. They have several solid games under their belt, including Castle Panic, one of the first games the kids played when we first started attending the weekly game meetup. Enter to win Kaiju Crush in Day 25 of our 150+ Days of Giveaways or check out some of the other Fireside Games titles we have featured.

150+ Days of Giveaways – Day 25 – Kaiju Crush Giveaway

45 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 25 – Kaiju Crush Game

  1. I would be a giant whale, and my power would be to create underwater volcanoes.. that in turn created tsunamis.

  2. A magical monster bird that when it landed in the trees of people I like I would turn all the leaves to money. If I didn’t like you I would make the trees wither and die.

  3. A giant robotic cat with the power to ignore, knock everything off every flat surface for fun and scratch and bite the crap out of all humans that have the nerve to pet me one too many times

  4. I would be a flying dragon that would be able to put out fires as well as start them depending on the virtue of the people in the area.

  5. I might be giant naturally but I would be able to shrink down into a very tiny size or anywhere in between. I would be gathering intel on the human race, their power structure, and how they operate so that I could report back for the invasion force.

  6. If I was a monster with special abilities I would be a tyrannosaurus rex type monster. I would have the ability to decide fate. In turn I would then be able to help other beings decide their fate.

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