Mega Giveaway Day 67 – Captain Carcass Game

You can enter to win our Day 67 prize and it won’t even require you to press your luck! Captain Carcass by Mayday Games is based on the press your luck concept but it will just take the dedication to enter to have a chance at winning! Each day, you’re able to come back and retweet or do a couple other tasks to increase your chances of winning. Will you?

We provided an overview of Captain Carcass in September and included it in our Card Game Holiday Gift Guide so check those out to learn more about the game.

We’re happy to be able to include it in our Mega Giveaway. Visit Mayday Games on Facebook and Twitter to see what other games are in the pipeline.

100+ Days of Giveaways – Day 67 – Captain Carcass

24 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 67 – Captain Carcass Game

  1. Elder Signs it’s one of those games where you succeed easily, or lose miserably. The luck on the dice is precious!

  2. I asked my Son for his opinion, and he said: “One of my favorites is a PC game called “Sunless Sea.” As the captain of a merchant steamliner on a vast, mysterious underground sea, you make constant multiple-choice decisions that are weighted for varying degrees of success, based upon your character’s skill ratings and the task’s degree of difficulty. Failure is always possible, so you’re pressing your luck — particularly on low-probability choices.”

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