Part of the fun of being an online reviewer is we get to see a lot of products before they hit the market. Some may never make it due to a number of reasons. Then there are some that make you say, “Wow, I wish I had a part of that product/company!” This is one of those items: ย Monster Coats.

I could write and write trying to accurately describe what these look like, but like the old adage, in this case a picture is truly worth a thousand words…

Monster Coats - Hoods upI can guarantee you have never seen anything like this. Ever. And what makes me so excited about these coats are the reactions we get EVERY TIME we go somewhere. You’d think they were rock stars or aliens from another planet; everyone wants to touch them, try them on and wants to know where to get them. I am not exaggerating when I say if I was a commissioned salesperson I could make a good living by peddling these unique coats. But up against the salesmanship of my youngest daughter (who dubbed herself “Pint-sized Fashion”) I may not stand a chance.

These coats are WARM and originally designed as ski jackets. Imagine how easy it would be to see your child on the slopes when they are wearing these bright neon monstrosities. No worries about losing them in the crowd! Of course, we have experienced the opposite as the coats draw a crowd on their own.

Monster Coats - InsideHigh-quality toggle buttons and a nicely lined interior let you know that this is a serious coat. The most often question we hear is if they will make larger sizes, especially for the teenage to early 20’s market. At the moment they don’t, but I hear that they may be in the works for next season!

Monster Coats - BackSpeaking of seasons, now that we appear to be finally putting winter behind us, MonsterCoats.com has reduced the price of the past season’s line by 67-87%! They even have matching hats available!

While I am not their target wearer, judging solely by the excitement I’ve seen by the general public, this is the first time I find myself saying I wish I had a part of this company in my portfolio. Monster Coats is onto something good here, which shouldn’t be a surprise considering the team of people behind its introduction. I did mention to them that a large pair of googly eyes on the hood would be appropriate, so I’m hoping for a consulting bonus!

Find out when your size will be available by following Monster Coats on Facebook and Twitter! Be sure to check out our oldest daugher’s Monster Coats review on KidzVuz, also.

102 thoughts on “A Monster of a Coat – Literally!

  1. Oh wow! I’ve never seen anything like it before but I can only imagine how super excited the kids are to wear a Monster Coat! I can see all the little kids wearing them and when they start making them, even the adults. I want one in all Pink!

  2. Those coats are too cute! They truly make a statement!! I’m sure you will never have to worry about getting them mixed up with someone elses coat!

  3. Oh my gosh, this made me laugh so hard. These have to be the cutest coats EVER. My toddler would love it.

  4. Crazy looking coats and really cool! Its nice that it keeps the kids warm, but its even better for parents to spot their kids in a crowd. Thanks for sharing. They are really adorable. Love it!

  5. Those are a super cute fashion statement for the littles!! I like that they’re so different from everything else that is out there.

  6. Wow! Those coats are so cute and look so warm and fluffy. I wish they were around when my kids were little because I would have loved to buy them!

  7. So adorable, I have never seen this kind of coat before. This is something different and creative that I am sure the kids will like and have fun.

  8. These coats are really cool! I would love one for my daughter. Have to go and check out the sizes and use this great discount too! Thanks for sharing!

  9. That is a beautiful coat for a monster, I love it. I like the color and surely kids will love the color and comfort of that coat. You are lucky to have given the chance to review that product.

  10. Very cool coat and I want to touch it too just to know how it feels. My kids will definitely like to wear one, they like stylish and cool looking coats.

  11. I would love to get the Seattle Seahawks Blue & Green Monster jacket/coat!! I swear if this company sold these in Seattle they wouldn’t even be able to keep them in stock! Especially in the Adult sizes. I hope they take heed & seriously think about the market up here!

  12. Oh, these coats make me wish I was a kid again. Love them! And I love how cute your girls are in them, too. Thanks for sharing.

  13. These coats look like they would be warm & cozy, different to look at. I would not have one of these coats to my son, not practical for him.

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