HIGHLIGHTS: BlogHer 2013 (Spirograph)


Some things are too much fun to share with the kiddos. Case in point:  Spirograph. One of my favorites as a kid, the updated versions are SOOO much easier to use. The kits come with everything you need to begin – two different colored pens, multiple template wheels, even a pad of paper!

Spirograph ComponentsGone are the days of pinning or taping your main ring to your paper thanks to the included reusable ‘clay’ that keeps the ring in place.

Spirograph in useWho needs instructions?  Not me!  I quickly grabbed the other pen and began my second pass (and third…).

Spirograph 2nd colorWhat’s even better is they also include full instructions and examples for those of us that are a bit more creatively-challenged.

Spirograph ExamplesIf you’re ready to re-live your youth, or introduce your kids to this wonderful hobby, pick up Spirograph today with Prime Shipping on Amazon.  Don’t settle for knockoffs, be assured of a quality product from Kahootz. Keep up with their latest offerings by following them on Twitter!

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