An Upgrade for the Important Bits


Guilty as charged.  Like 99.9% of all guys out there, I am only concerned with my underwear when there is a problem.  NO, not that kind of problem…the “hey, there’s nothing clean to wear” problem.  At last count I had nearly 30 pair of underwear in my drawer.  No telling how old some of them are, but with 30 pair, they tend to last a while (and hey, I can go a whole month without washing them)!

But lately I’ve been on a search.  A search for a better-fitting brief.  Twenty years ago it seemed I had many choices of brands, but the styles and colors all fit into the “Tidy-Whitey” category.  Now there is no limit to cuts and colors we can use to protect our (*ahem) important bits.

Recently I’ve simply picked up what was available in bulk at our local Sam’s Club, and this usually meant some type of product from Jockey.  Nothing fancy about these utilitarian boxer briefs, but they did their job.

I was presented with the opportunity of trying out a new line by MaLo (Mario Lopez).  Now, I’m a little bit older than the typical demographic targeted by the “Saved By The Bell” crowd, but hey, at least it was Slater and not Zack!

These look MUCH nicer than what I am accustomed to, and I’m a little concerned the pricing would take it into the upper end of “Men’s Fashion”.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out a package of three runs around $15 at Kmart and Target.  I was even more surprised to discover these are 95% cotton and 5% spandex, which is usually reserved for much more expensive brands.  As a comparison, most men’s underwear is 100% cotton.  While comfortable and cool, they tend to stretch out considerably each time you wear them.  Versions with 5% spandex seem to retain their fit for the entire time.

Great color choices too!  Conservative enough for everyone, but just flashy enough to look like we care about our style choices.  I’ve already worn all three pairs once and can say they are very comfortable both during everyday use and a couple trips to the gyms for cardio workouts.  They do seem to run a bit larger than equivalent sizes from other manufacturers, so keep that in mind when buying them for yourself.

The waistband is a nice fabric-over-elastic, again not usually seen until you spring for more expensive models.  I had a pair of Hanes that were manufactured this way and the fabric did wear out prematurely.  Hopefully these will be different.  As you can see from this photo of the Jockey brand, anything is better than this bare elastic rubbing against your waist all day (and eventually starts to look like bacon after it has been washed a few times).

If I have any complaints, it would be the length of the legs.  On the packaging a statue with a pair of boxer briefs are shown with the legs of the underwear extending down a good couple of inches down his leg.  In reality, these were closer to actual briefs, not boxer briefs, as they did not seem to extend down my leg at all.  This can be a plus as they won’t ride up the leg during wear, but I prefer them to have a little length to them – especially with winter just around the corner!

Want to try some on for yourself?  Here’s your chance – #MaLoUnderwear is running a contest on their Facebook page where you can win $75 worth of MaLo products!  Also check out their Pinterest board for more great products, and don’t forget to follow them on Twitter for the latest announcements!

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