Am I The Only Person Who Hates Shopping for Unmentionables?

Who know that Hanes offers more than just underclothes?! -


At 47 years old, you would think that I would have outgrown the problem of blushing whenever someone mentions anything unmentionable.

Yes, I turn beet red at the slightest inference to (shhhh) S-E-X. But I’m also talking about the other unmentionables. You know, the kind that our grandmothers didn’t much talk about.

You know, drawers. Panties. Undies.
Underwear and bras.
Boxers or briefs.
Whatever you want to call all the things that go on under your regular clothes. (Except socks. Those are an easy subject.)

I can tolerate the mention of these things, but shopping for them is a whole ‘nother story. Personally, I anguish over it, but I had clothes shopping altogether. Shopping for underwear and whatnot with teen and tween daughters is unbearable. They only want certain types and heaven help us if I ask them to hand them a stack and ask them to try them on.

We’re at the point that they’ve each found a few things that they like and prefer to stick with those. I’m totally with them on that matter. My choice of bra has been Bali for quite a while. Even when I try others on, I usually fall back to that brand, even if in a different style.

Did you know there are multiple brands such as Champion and Just My Size that are part of the Hanes family? -

Something interesting happened a couple months ago during the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. I learned that my favorite bra brand, Bali, is actually part of the Hanes umbrella of brands! At the same time, I discovered Champion, Playtex, Maidenform and Just My Size are also! That made so much more sense why these cute Just My Size tunic tops were so soft.

Hanes Ink offers their quality clothing with custom college graphics. -

I did a quick run through of their products during Disney Social Media Moms and discovered that they offer casual wear. We received one of the Hanes Sport Men’s Performance Polo shirts and are impressed with how soft and lightweight it is. Same great quality as their undershirts… but in an over-shirt! I also wasn’t aware that Hanes caters to college fans with their HanesInk Custom Apparel line. Want a shirt or sweatshirt depicting your favorite college sports team? They have you covered. Literally! One thing they didn’t tell me during the tour is that not only are college teams available but you can also search for your high school. I was able to find Over 60 different types of T-Shirts, hoodies, Polo shirts, sweatpants and tank tops with a variety of combinations of the school name, mascot name, logo and even some that read “Proud” after the school. Gifting just got easier for our soon-to-be high school daughter!

Hanes hits the road with sport performance Capri pants and other exercise clothing. -

I even discovered they have running garments in their lineup! Okay, so I knew they offered running bras but the fact they had performance capri pants was totally news to me. And they were ridiculously cute! I recently received a package from Hanes that included some of the items they had on display. I’m not one to wear fitted clothes. Even my swimsuit has a skirt built in! I have a couple other pair of exercise Capri pants, but I opt to wear baggy shorts over the top of them. These Hanes Sport Performance Capri pants, however, were soooo comfy that I will definitely feel confident wearing them during my next exercise session SANS the extra layer of shorts!

Hanes and Champion have a variety of workout sports bras. -

This comes as a total shock to me, but I’m feeling the urge to say “Let’s talk about bras.” Shopping for bras becomes a mission to find just the right one. As I said before, I gravitate toward the same brand even when faced with other options. Hanes sent along a few different for me to try based on discussions we had during the product showcase including a Champion, Bali and Hanes. I’m anxious to compare them side by side and see if I truly fall back to Bali again. I’m hoping I fall in love with their Champion Absolute Workout sports bra because they’re pretty classy looking and when I work out, classy is not a word I use to describe how I look or feel!

Hanes Constant Comfort and Performance Cool X-Temp Panties include moisture wicking technology in addition to other benefits. -

I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the one thing that brought us here in the first place. Underwear. Every day when I step off the treadmill or spend the day outside in the sun, I find myself peeling my clothes off. The sticking is just… ugh. Hanes X-TEMP panties have a lot of awesome features like shrink resistant, soft and tag-free, itch-free comfort. But the ONE feature that has me sold and expecting these to be my new favorite line of underwear is inclusion of moisture wicking technology. Yes, please. Moisture wicking underwear… where have you been my whole life?

So let’s get back to the original conversation, shall we? Am I the only one who hates shopping for unmentionables? Maybe if I took the time to actually learn about the variety of options and share them with my family in a “hey, this is just real life” kind of way, then it wouldn’t be so embarrassing.

Now excuse me while I go talk to my girls about their undergarments.

How often do you change styles and brands of your under clothing?

14 thoughts on “Am I The Only Person Who Hates Shopping for Unmentionables?

  1. Great post! I personally only wear Bonds underwear, an Australian brand. I have just never found another brand that is as comfortable

    1. Thank you, Jess. Haven’t heard of that brand before. If you find one that works for you, then it’s hard to go to something else, isn’t it? That’s the way I have been but as a result never realized moisture wicking underwear is an option! So as much as I hate it, I’m trying to push my boundaries to make myself feel more amazing underneath. 🙂

  2. I hear you – I hate shopping for bras and swimsuits. It’s such an invasive experience. 🙁 The sports bras in that pic looks amazing though!!

    1. Agreed! Couldn’t have said it better myself, Ronnie. The last couple times I’ve tried on sports bras they’ve been like straight jackets. Can’t put it on with the back straps clipped but can’t get it clipped if you unhook it first. These aren’t like that thankfully! LOL

  3. Great post! But I love shopping. Cause for me it feels good to buy things for myself it gives me a different kind of pleasure. Everyone have different perspective.

  4. well, for me it’s fine as long as the section are not in the department store! i love to shop underwear with my sister!

  5. I don’t really mind shopping for unmentionables, at least because I’ve gotten used to it. It used to be such a chore when I was younger especially when the sales staff follow you around while looking for a bra! UGH.

  6. It’s never easy to shop for underwear, but it has to be done. I used to hate shopping for a bra especially since you have a different size when you shop at different stores. It’s never accurate and I don’t like the idea of fitting it.

  7. I have always disliked shopping for underwear and shoes!! I stopped shopping for my husband’s underwear & my kids (when they lived at home), because I always shopped for deals and I was really cheap! But I learned you can’t skimp on the skimmies. I haven’t wore a bra since I was breastfeeding & those were breastfeeding bras. I had four daughters and they needed good support bras. They liked to play sports. They told me that they don’t like to “flap in the wind” or get hit in the facial area! So I let them buy their own undergarments. Plus I wouldn’t have bought them the bikini underwear that they liked. I’m glad that I was able to skip that nonsense!!

  8. I never did mind shopping for these things, or any of my clothes for that matter until about twelve years ago when I began having epileptic seizures. Now I’m unable to drive; and living 45 minutes from town, God bless him, my husband is my only transportation – making him my “shopping buddy.” He never complains – not even a roll of the eyes; but I miss the old days when I could go out alone and make an afternoon of it – you know, topped off with a latte’.☕️

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