Ever since I got my iPhone, I’ve been fascinated with all the different apps and what they can do. I regularly frequent the “free app” sites so I can grab awesome apps if when they have a promotion going.

Yes, I’m cheap like that but I’ve found a lot of apps that I love and tell tons of people about.

But today’s free app didn’t come via the free website. It came through my social media contacts. In this case, though the social media efforts of Murphy USA directly. They’ve been reinventing their community, relaunching their blog and re-releasing their app – Find the Best Gas Prices on the Go: Murphy USA.

UPDATE 2018 – Once again Murphy USA has re-done their app and discontinued the one previously mentioned in this article. The latest app is called Murphy Drive Rewards!

Like the prior MurphyUSA app, this one is simple and useful. Using your location, not only does it find MurphyUSA gas stations near you, but it provides information relevant to those stations. Address, phone numbers, directions and even prices of competitors nearby.

In addition, it also offers a place for you to sign up for the latest Murphy deal. In the past, that has ranged from discounts on products (like buy one get one free coupons) to free stuff (like gum or a fountain drink). I have a love/hate relationship with those promotional emails. Love getting coupons for free stuff. Hate it when they are for items our Murphy station doesn’t carry. We have a bare bones station with no fountain drinks, coffee or hot foods. But free gum and bottled pop are always put to good use!

The app has an interesting feature that I haven’t used yet. Their MurPay option allows you to text your information and get a best rate guarantee. Seems easy enough but I just haven’t researched it.

The app is filled with useful information to make locating a station easy… Especially if you are traveling. The one thing that I DON’T like about it is the section I mentioned above that compares local competitor prices. It is great in concept but not very practical. It isn’t apples to apples. For this feature to have any credibility for me, those competitor comparisons need to show the grade of octane. I’m sure that Murphy is at the mercy of whatever contracted company is providing that data but seriously, I HATE that it doesn’t show the octane.

The old app used to have coupons available directly through the app but this one doesn’t. I miss that but hope it is destined for the next version.  I also have hope that someday, we’ll have a full-sized Murphy store near here!

If you are a fan of Murphy USA and frequent their stations, be sure to check out this app. You might find it useful, too!

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