Daisy Gets A New Bling Bling


Daisy is our Jack Russell who is celebrating her 1st birthday this month, but what to get the dog who has everything? We have dog beds, clothes and plenty of toys for her, but just as I do for our kids, I want to get her something special. She adds just as much love and compassion to our family as anyone else does, so special is what we need to find for her.

How about a Dog Charm for a charming dog? The more I looked at the charms at the website Dog Collar Charms on my iPad, I just knew this would be perfect for her.

I loved the idea of giving her something unique yet very personable at the same time. I sat down with my iPad to place the order but realized the upload feature didn’t work from the iPad so I switched to my desktop computer. Other than that, the process was very easy to understand, from the first step of downloading a picture, second picking a border color, and third to final check out,easy, easy!

When I finished the last step a screen message popped up and said your account is active, is this a gift? If so would I like to purchase wrapping paper, (how thoughtful) I didn`t need it this time, but it is nice to know for future gifts. To which I am thinking of getting a matching charm bracelet for my daughter from their other website at CharmingsCharms.com.

I was so excited when my order arrived, they did a great job on my picture of the boys, but it was the wrong border color. What to do? In the packaging was a business card with the customer service number on it. I called and was put through to a person. Yay. I told the person at customer service the border color was wrong and I was told that one would be sent out the next morning which was Wednesday and as of Saturday night I had not received it, so I went ahead and gave Daisy the dog charm. The dog charm I got had a black border around it, which blended well with Daisy`s unique markings, she looks beautiful. I look forward to getting her charm with the red border.

I had a great time looking at the other testimonials, and blog posts on their website, I would encourage you to take the time to look at them, I came away with the feeling of how much they love their pets just as I do.

2 thoughts on “Daisy Gets A New Bling Bling

  1. Aaaw Daisy is so cute. My Mother has a Jack Russell Terrier too. I have a Cairn Terrier. You just got to love the breed. The charms are a neat idea. My dog looks like the dog in "The Wizard of OZ" so we called her Toto. I wonder if they could put a picture of "The Wizard of OZ" on a charm for her to wear. That would be awesome.

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