Get your Just Desserts the Easy Way

I’m the mom to six kiddos. It’s a diverse collection of children I have, ranging in age from 4 to 20. Three girls. Three boys. ALL very opinionated. The one thing we all have in common, without a doubt, is food. We love it. It’s what brings us together. Holler “DINNER!” and the pitty-pitty patter of twelve feet can be heard in the dash for the dining room table.

Our meals are common. The same menus posted on fridges and brought to the table all across the country…mashed potatoes, pot roast, peas, corn, pork chops…but our favorite part of the meal…DESSERT! It goes beyond the ordinary. It’s a labor of love. Me. Tiny hands. Big Hands. Creating a dessert is what we love to do TOGETHER. Helping Mom bake…It’s a tradition they don’t seem to outgrow.

It’s an ordinary week when my five year old puts “Peanut Butter Fudge Puddles” on the dessert menu. Our kitchen becomes a place of silly songs, we make up as we go and “remember when’s” as she recaps the most (insert: fun, sad, crazy, etc. here) of her ENTIRE LIFE! I love when we pour in the fudge and she says, “Don’t you just wish you could jump into that fudgy puddle? I bet you wouldn’t be telling me to keep dry!”

Another night of the week my 16-year old announces, “Mom, tonight the ENTIRE drama class is coming over to watch movies.” I take a deep breath and suggest, “Hey, you know what would be fun? What do you think about a fruit pizza?” He thinks I’m “amazing” and I forgive him for his last minute announcement.

My seven year old seems to think she’s going on 20-something and so for her more “sophisticated” moments, she requests Rocky Road Bars. We turn on the disco music and jive while we make a batch. She practices her fractions measuring. Rolls her eyes when I wipe egg white on her nose and tell her it’s a “spa facial”. Then we get to add the mini-marshmallows and she remembers she’s just not ready to give up being SEVEN!

I have a great husband. I really do. It’s just that he fails to mention he “signed up to bring “something” for the office potluck TOMORROW” more times than I care to recall. It’s not that it’s about the “time” it’s about DECISIONS…red raspberry thumbprints? snickerdoodles? gingerbread? There’s just too many great desserts out there!

At 20, my eldest still thinks I’m “cool” when he calls 30-minutes in advance and tells me, “I’m bringing my girlfriend home. Should be there in about 30-40 minutes. Can you make a snack?” When he walks through the door and I’m pulling out Baklava Bars I am suddenly, “Mother Extraordinaire” and his girlfriend exclaims, “Your house smells amazing!” and after she has one says to my son, “Your house is the BEST place to hang out!”

In between the demands of my family I’m juggling the role of PTA President, Soccer Mom, Food Bank Volunteer and a fistful of other “titles”. Betty Crocker has simplified my life and allows me to be of service to my community without taking away quality time, making traditions and putting good food on the table for the people that matter most to me.

For twenty years, I’ve relied on Betty Crocker and my absolute favorite staple is Betty Crocker’s Cookie Pouch! That week of desserts and demands you just read: Betty Crocker’s Sugar Cookies, Double Chocolate Chunk, and Peanut Butter Cookie Pouches and a few other ingredients. Really!

Of course, we sometimes make one of the nine varieties exactly as they were intended–chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, sugar cookies, etc.

The cookie pouch is easy. I can read the instructions while my four year old finds the appropriate measuring cup. I can hold a conversation with my children about something funny or more serious, answer a never-ceasing-ringing telephone and not lose track of where I am in the recipe.

Talk about simple. Betty Crocker’s cookie pouches only require a few ingredients. Oil. Water. Eggs. Yup! That simple!

Convenience is a key to running an organized house and Betty Crocker is on the shelf where-ever my Mommy-Caravan takes us–Target, Walmart, Albertsons and dare I admit it? We’ve bought cookie pouches in a crunch at the gas station!

Betty Crocker Cookie Pouches are typically under $2.00 each and are frequently on sale, making desserts even more tempting and easy on your budget.

Betty Crocker is also part of the Box Tops for Education program. I’m preparing wonderful desserts for my family and giving back 10 cents to my children’s school.

There is absolutely nothing about Betty Crocker’s Cookie Pouches that I dislike.

So next time you’re short on time, let Betty Crocker Cookie Pouches help you get your “just desserts” and bake up some memories!

Editor’s Note: Have you concocted a can’t-live-without recipe using Betty Crocker Pouches? If so, then be sure to stop by Betty Crocker on January 4, 2010 for details for turning your cookie creativity into cash! The “Mix It Up with Betty” Cookie Contest offers $5,000 as a grand prize and that can buy a lot of cookie packets! Grand prize winner also walks away with 1000 Box tops! While the contest doesn’t begin until January 4, you can brush up on the official rules right now.

If you plan to enter the contest, be sure to print some Coupons before you head to the store to stock up on supplies!

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