It CAN be Easy and Still be Good


Anybody besides me feel like they are spinning out of control? End of school year chaos, field trips, vacation planning, appointments, graduation parties, weddings and showers. That’s just the happy stuff. I don’t dare touch on the tragedies in life that we end up facing. What it boils down to is that we’re busy.  Busy, busy, busy.

For me, that usually means that the cooking and the cleaning take the hits.  I’m not the best chef or housekeeper anyhow but I take pride in being able to prepare a nice meal that we all sit down and enjoy together.  When I get overwhelmed, I just fall back on the same recipes over and over again.  We tend to eat out more because “…not chicken AGAIN, Mom.”

Thankfully, Unilever noticed a need and created Making Life Better, a website designed to help put a little spring back into our step. Even going so far as to create a Making Life Better YouTube channel!  By providing easy recipes using products that we already know and trust. I’ve always been a fan of products like Lipton, Ragu, Breyers and Hellmann’s, stocking most as staples.  Speaking of Helllmann’s…here’s a funny story I like to share.  We love it.  Always have.  It’s THE mayonnaise for me but when we moved to Los Angeles, we couldn’t find it in the stores.  We did, however, find that a product called “Best Foods” had a striking resemblance to our family favorite.  Upon reading the label, we noticed it says “Hellmann’s® is known as Best Foods® west of the Rockies.”  Jackpot.  Did I get sidetracked?  Oh.  Sorry.

Back to my story about the Making Life Better website.  It’s not just a recipe website.  In addition to Food and Recipes, there are also sections covering Beauty and Style, Home and Family, Vitality and Wellness, Tips and News/Offers.  Yes, it references Unilever products, but it isn’t designed as a giant sales pitch.  Their product ads are extremely discrete.

Being a mom means relying on whatever shortcut we can that doesn’t really cut anything short.

Special thanks to Unilever for realizing the difficulties that busy families face.  And for outreach programs through Mom Central as well as by supporting mom-related events like “Moms Nite Out” in conjunction with MomSelect (BSM Media).

I want to point out that I received Unilever “Making Life Better” packages, as pictured, from each of these two wonderful programs, Mom Central and BSM Media for the Moms Nite Out event.  Although I had not intended on double-dipping, I wasn’t guaranteed a spot for either as there were limited spots.  Thankfully, they weren’t identical packages so I’m able to try out a few products that I hadn’t tried before!Thank you to both programs as well as Unilever for this delicious opportunity.

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