New Game Release – Time’s Up! Family Edition

Time's Up! Family Edition

R&R Games has released Time’s Up! Family Edition, the latest game in the popular party game series, into retail earlier this year. It was available direct from R&R Games late last year and we even included it in our guide to party games this past holiday season!

This Family Edition is the first release in the Time’s UP series that is made for the whole family to play! Kids and adults can finally compete together in this edition that uses everyday items as the answers! As usual, our favorite clue giving and charades game builds the laughter and excitement through three hilarious rounds. You have 30 seconds to get your team to guess as many items in the Deck of Stuff as possible. Round 1, say or do anything; Round 2, use just one word; and Round 3, gestures only … no words allowed! Comes with over 500 unique items, the basic sand timer, PLUS expanded rules that allow for an odd number of players! Also includes a dry erase marker and score sheet right on the box!

Time’s Up! Family Edition is for three or more players, ages 8 and up, and plays in around an hour. It will retails for $19.99.

R&R Games also previously released In or Out.

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