Thrift Treasure: Rick and Morty – Find the Morty Game

Find the Morty - Hero

We don’t shop for games at Stuff Etc. too often as they are always overpriced. Plain decks of cards for three dollars. Used mass-market titles begin at $4.99. And if there is anything they believe is rare, expect a minimum eight bucks. Since they typically don’t bother checking for completeness, it’s a crapshoot unless you take the time to inspect them in-store.

Here’s the secret – the longer a game sits there, the cheaper it gets. After sixty days, items are 50% off the sticker price. After ninety days, 80%! Even if a game is way overpriced on day one, you can’t beat getting them for twenty cents on the dollar three months later. That’s exactly what we did with this copy of Rick and Morty: Find the Morty.

Find the Morty - box and contents on a table

And it’s a good thing we waited to pay only eighty cents. There isn’t much to the game and its only redeeming quality is the theme. Inside the box are three custom dice and an odd-shaped deck of thirty-six Morty cards. Shuffle them up and spread them out on a table, face up. Give the first player the dice and you are ready to play.

Find the Morty - all the cards laid out face-up

The object of Find the Morty is to be the first to collect five Morty cards of any type. The active player will roll all three dice, which display an object, a Morty species and a Morty state. At the same time, all players try to find one card which matches all three variable results. With a deck of thirty-six and three six-sided dice, there will be only one card in the pile which matches exactly.

Find the Morty - Example of a dice roll

When someone correctly grabs the matching card, the dice are passed to the next player who does the same thing. This continues until one person has found the right card five times. They become the winner of Find the Morty. A huge accomplishment! /sarcasm

Find the Morty - Dice and Matching Card

As you can plainly see, there isn’t much to the game at all. The box states it was designed in the UK by Paladone. Find the Morty is so plain and uninspired, it would make me wary of any of their other titles, even the Star Wars ones. If you are a Rick and Morty completionist, you can find copies of this out-of-print game on eBay. Otherwise, save your eighty cents.

What licensed IP game were you extremely disappointed with?

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