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At some point in time, you’ve probably heard someone complain about a bad experience at the doctor or hospital. Sometimes it’s bad bedside manner, other times they simply aren’t good at their job. What if you’re a doctor who is overworked and trying to do just enough to get through your shift? That’s the case in Bad Doctor from Mayday Games! Juggle the issues left by your predecessor then push the rest of the problems on to the next player.

If you’re ready to change how you think about bad doctor experiences, this family game is a good way to do it. No insurance needed to get this medical treatment. Just use the form to enter to win!

Mega Giveaway 2018 – Bad Doctor Game

26 thoughts on “Bad Doctor Game Giveaway

  1. Usually it is the needless waiting in The Waiting Room and of course, the bills that follow shortly after. Once, many years ago, after an operation I was looking over the bill and they charged me $75.00 for one pill. When I asked about it; the reasoning was that they had to pay an employee to actually go and get it and bring it to me. Ridiculous!!!!

  2. Getting stitches! I would have taken the stitches straight up without those darn needles to numb the pain!

  3. Due to my anxiety I am always put to sleep for dental work. Once I had to have four root canals done at once and the anesthesia wore off during the procedure. They had to give me 3 more pills(usually only takes one) to get me out again and after the procedure was done I was in the worst pain of my life and I went through an all natural labor and birth with no pain meds…

  4. Almost dying of diabetes would be my worst experience…. wasn’t the doctor’s fault my own body tried to kill me though.

  5. There was a doctor who told my dad he had cancer and that it was bad, said she’d be right back, and then forgot about him. She went home for the day and left him sitting there by himself!

  6. My worse experience with a doctor is right now. My husband is in the ICU as he had brain surgery yesterday. The doctor did a good job but I can never talk to the guy. All we can ever talk to is the nurses, this is the second surgery he had one surgery last Monday and then another one yesterday.

  7. For TWO nightmarish years, I was in excruciating pain and could hardly walk, until the doctors found the tumor entwined on my spine!!

  8. Oh boy doctors, don’t get me started. Lol.;) The worst was probably when my doc told me that I’m going to have a heart attack & die, because I won’t let him take out my thyroid. I’d like my body to continue making hormones thanks! I tried explaining to him that heart attacks only happen to UNTREATED graves disease patients, I’m seeing an endocrinologist regularly and I’m on daily medications that help people reach remission so I will certainly not have a heart attack and die! He rolled his eyes at me. We’ve argued about it many times but that day was the worst and I left in tears. I always trusted doctors until I got a disease that they don’t seem to read up on at all! Now I will always research my health stuff instead of trusting blindly. I don’t want the same regret that many in my Graves’ group have, Ain’t nobody taking my working organ unless & until there is actually something wrong with it! :p

  9. Your question doesn’t clarify if you had to be a patient so I will relate a provider side horror story that is also HIPPA compliant. A person was brought to us from the “cabin” up north after being missing for weeks. they were found very, very drunk and on the ground for who knows how long with an ankle injury that the person wrapped in a plastic bag. The injury was an open fracture and when we removed the bag the ankle was cover in maggets and the foot was the sickest looking green color. I will never forget that.

  10. The worst experience was when I was given a sedative before surgery and then having a tube shoved down my throat before the sedative had fully taken effect.

  11. My worst experience with doctor’s was during the time before my husband was diagnosed with ALS. The neurologist was consistently at least 2 hours behind and there we were, my husband so fatigued he could barely sit up and the doctor was upset when I said something. Actually, the whole experience with the medical profession before and after his diagnosis was awful. I no longer have any respect for the medical profession.

  12. i have bad veins, and had to get blood work quite a few times. i always have to get stuck at least 10 times for them to find blood

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