Playing board games with young ones can be exhausting… especially if you play the same one so often that candy starts infusing itself into your dreams. To combat this (and still keep parents and older kids interested in playing), we crafted a gift guide filled with games to introduce your preschooler to board games. One that was included on that list involves cute little clip-on fish. Nibbled from Winning Moves Games is our Day 57 Mega Giveaway prize. Enter to win a copy so you can diversify your game shelf or pick up a copy if you’re ready to take the plunge before the giveaway ends.

150+ Days of Giveaways – Day 57 – Nibbled Game

38 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 57 – Nibbled Game

  1. I would for sure 110% prefer to play a fish game than have a pet fish! We have gone down the pet fish road twice and I ended up being the only one who cared about and cared for the fish. Our first one lived for about a year and half (beta), the second fish adventure lasted only 2 months. The tank is now cleaned and in storage. lol I really want to play Nibbled instead!

  2. I would rather play a fish themed game with the kids. The reason I would do this is because children are not really developed enough to have a fish as a pet yet. They are quite hard to take care of in my opinion.

  3. I’d rather play the game,I have a cat and I’m afraid the fish may get hurt when I’m not home to protect him!

  4. Would you rather play a fish-themed game with your kids or let them have a pet fish?
    I’d rather play the game. It would be fun quality time! Pet fish? Nah. Because you know who would be cleaning the fish tank.

  5. I’d rather play a week long fish game with my kids than let them have a pet fish, just thinking about cleaning the aquarium makes me tired!

  6. Oh that’s easy! I’d rather play games about fish with my kids than have a pet fish! Been there, done that… Fish are stinky! Lol Thanks!

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