We’ve been doing some detective work today and have determined that the Day 30 prize in our Mega Giveaway is We Detectives from Tactic Games. You may have spotted it on our list of family games, but it plays up to 6 people so it’s good for a little larger group also! So one day you can play it with just two people and the next a small group! Sound like fun? Add it to your holiday wish list or get it for someone you think would enjoy it. Of course, you can also enter to win a copy for yourself… but my detective work has determined that’s why you’re here anyhow. Right?

150+ Days of Giveaways – Day 30 – We Detectives Game

38 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 30 – We Detectives Game

  1. As a famous detective i would work on solving cases of missing children because my heart breaks every time there is a news story about this! I wish life was all pigtails and puppy tails and everyone felt love

  2. If I were a detective, I know I would prefer mysteries that don’t involve blood or death. Other than that I’m open to detecting!

  3. I would love to solve the mystery of if a tree falls and no one is there To see it, do the other her trees laugh at it’s clumsiness?

  4. I would love to put all the child molesters/murderers behind bars!! They don’t deserve the privilege of freedom!! They make me SICK

  5. Continued . . .
    I meant to add that I would love to crack the case of JonBenét Ramsey!! Someone got away with a horrendous murder! She was only six years old and never really had a normal childhood! What a shame all the way around for this precious little girl!!

  6. If I was a famous detective the mystery I would want to solve would be to figure out why the terrorists do what they do.

  7. Probably investigate the murder of Lincoln to discover who was behind all of it. Find out who the other people involved we’re.

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