There are some games that I play even though I know I probably won’t win. Our Day 27 prize is one of those. You might be asking why I would play something under such circumstances. Well, there are some things more important than winning and laughter is one of those. Yogi from Gigamic is featured in our guide to party games for good reason. It’s an ideal icebreaker at gatherings of friends, families or coworkers. Like playing Funny Bones (but without the invasion of space), you have to let your guard down to hold the playing cards in place. Me? I laugh and they drop and laugh some more. This small, affordable game is a fun stocking stuffer or a gift idea for people you regularly hang out with. If you want it in time for Christmas, pick up a copy online or at your local retailer. Otherwise, enter to win one right here!

150+ Days of Giveaways – Day 27 – Yogi Game

32 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 27 – Yogi Game

  1. My kids and their cousins would have such fun playing this with me-I bet my brother and sister would join in too.

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