I’m not sure why, but at some point in my life I started to recognize that Karma might just be real. Despite people taking advantage of my good nature, I’ve continued to do the right thing. Not because I want to reap the rewards of good karma but because it’s what I believe in.

So if you’re planning on entering our Day 102 giveaway, you have to believe in Karma because that’s the prize! Karma from Set Enterprises was featured in our guide to card games and one lucky (or someone with good karma) is going to win a copy!

Visit Set Enterprises on Facebook and Twitter to share what you think of Karma – both real life and the game! and let them know what you think of their games. And if you don’t know if you karma is strong enough to help you win, you can return each day to increase your chances by taking advantage of the daily entry options.

100+ Days of Giveaways – Day 102 – Karma

22 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 102 – Karma Game

  1. I LOVE Karma!!! Especially when it happens within a short period of time! I have seen it happen and priceless!!

  2. I find that I am rewarded by Karma, for example, I give most all of the prizes I win doing sweepstakes to family and friends and by doing that, I tend to win more. Good karma.

  3. Honestly I feel that “karma” is a myth made up so society is more inclined to do good deeds and less likely to do the bad ones!

  4. I’d like to think so, however- I’ve often wondered if it’s not more of something you make up in your mind. There are definite times where it’s obvious your kindness has paid off, for example, I’m nice to my neighbor and they may watch my home for me when I’m gone. But then, there are times where it’s something that is probably just a matter of focus. For example, if I think “I’ll give money to this homeless person and that will bring me good luck.” Then when something good happens I’ll think: “Yay it paid off!” Merely because I was looking for the good thing, and perhaps ignore the bad things. Or finding the silver lining, like I get a flat tire, and someone nice stops to help me. I think “Wow! that was sure nice, I wonder if it was karma!” Totally ignoring the fact that I got a flat tire in the first place.

  5. Have you ever felt rewarded/punished by Karma?
    Karma is neither. It simply responds to your own actions. If you label your own actions as good or bad, then at some time you may have an experience you might label as “reward” or “punishment.”
    What goes around, comes around.

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