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You know those pictures of teens and tweens with electronics surgically (not really, but really) attached to their fingers? Well it’s true. We have two living, breathing examples of it in our own home. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of them constantly having their noses in an electronic device but the reality is they are only like that when they are done with the rest of their responsibilities and commitments.

And let me tell you, that list isn’t short. They both participate in advanced educational programs to make sure their brains are challenged. That means more difficult homework then many of their peers. They area also in sports, members of chorus, band and orchestra at school (including additional honors activities for those) as well as are members of the Quad City Symphony Youth Ensemble. They have ‘homework’ for their music classes which means they need to practice daily at home. That’s in addition to reading time that is ‘required’ by the schools which we enforce. They’re busy. Very busy.

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For those looking from the outside, they see two kids with their noses buried in electronics. What they don’t see is the reality of the situation. Kids today use their iPads to do their homework. They listen to audio tracks or their metronome as they practice their symphony and orchestra music. Teachers assign videos as well as online research. In our school district, assignments and grades are coordinated via a website. It’s any wonder we see kids using their devices so much. It’s part of their curriculum.

But aside from that, it’s also part of society. There was a time when everyone sat and watched the same TV show at the same time. Streaming services like Netflix allow everyone to watch what they want on their own schedule. Our family has meals together and we play board games as well as watches shows together, but sometimes we just need to go our different directions. Earbuds are necessary to prevent noise pollution and distractions within the house, car or wherever we happen to be.

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That’s why we look for solutions that work for us. These wireless sport headphones from 1ByOne meet a lot of our needs. First, they are wireless and lightweight. This makes them a great addition to a purse or backpack to be used on the go. Their in-ear design also makes them ideal for workouts.

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Not everyone has the same build, so we like that the 1ByOne Wireless Sport Headphones come with 2 additional size options. We’ve had other sets that are designed as one-size-fits-all and they make my ears hurt. Being able to adjust the size to fit the ear canal and lobe means these hold in place better while being more comfortable!

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One thing that drives me crazy about Bluetooth earphones is that you can be using them and all of a sudden their battery is dead. There isn’t anything that tells how much life is left in them before needing a recharge. 1ByOne added a battery indicator to these wireless sport headphones. A glance at the meter beside the Bluetooth logo on the status bar of your phone or tablet lets you know whether you’ll need to charge them soon or not.

These are a comfortable wireless headphone option and you can pick up a pair on Amazon for under $40! We can make that deal even better! From now until April 16, our readers can pick up a pair of Bluetooth 4.1 wireless in-ear headphones with HD stereo sound in Black & Green, White & Grey or Black for only $29.99. Simply enter coupon code “QXW5V7WF” at checkout.

What’s the first thing you think when you see teenagers using mobile devices?

18 thoughts on “Deals on Buds Are Popping Up Everywhere

  1. In all honesty the first thing I think of when I see anybody wearing earphones is that their hearing might be ultimately affected adversely! I do realize that electronics are a sign of the times and will become even more so in the future and at this point those earbuds are totally necessary. I just hope that they come out earphones that don’t potentially endanger hearing cause according to my Mom and all her friends–hearing aides don’t really work!!

  2. I love product reviews by users. Great post highlighting the different sizes and colors of these fashionable eaebuds!

  3. I look for the adjustable like this too. I have very sensitive ears and I need the tiniest little buds. I’ll look for these myself when I need to replace mine.

  4. We have gone through more than a few headphones here. The curve of the ones your daughter is wearing is interesting, I haven’t seen ones styled quite that way before and I bet it helps keep them in and seal noise out.

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